Why We’re All Still Excited by the Pokemon Hype Train

I’m a person who believes that more Pokemon is never a bad thing, so when I found out that Nintendo is releasing Pokemon Alpha Ruby and Omega Sapphire, I was super excited. Feeding off the nostalgia of long time fans of the series, while also appealing to younger audiences, Pokemon is usually a pretty reliable success.

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joshmille991538d ago

I can't explain it. No matter how derivative the games feel, they grab me hook line and sinker each time. And none of them have topped the original games. Yet...never fails to drag me in with each new game.

imXify1537d ago

Moneygrab game like Call of Duty. That's all.

Summons751537d ago

Except call of duty doesn't change ANYTHING. Pokemon has graphical improvements, huge gameplay changes, adds more content, and tries something brand new and different totally making each new game fresh and fun to play.

Apples/Oranges, comparing it to call of duty is a poor troll

imXify1537d ago

Define "troll" please.

And what you said is simply an exageration.

imXify1537d ago

Just count how many spin off Pokemon games Nintendo releases each year ;)

I know the answer, too many.

Sheed1537d ago

But, Call of Duty is just Call of Duty.
No Spin offs at all. Just.One.Game.

LAWSON721537d ago

I have been on the hype train since '97 and I have never considered getting off yet.