New Screenshots for Valiant Hearts: The Great War Released

Ubisoft has released a batch of new screenshots for its upcoming Valiant Hearts: The Great War, which is a puzzle adventure game set during WWI.

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incendy351474d ago

New trailer is here too

Looks so amazing. UbiArt >>>> all

Chapter111474d ago

Looks great, really looking forward to this. But I am a bit worried after the mixed reviews from Child of Light.

incendy351474d ago

Child of Light is wonderful, buy it now!

KTF261474d ago

child of light is 2D turn-based RPG and valiant hearts is puzzle adventure
so you don't need to worry about that

BTW, if you have no problem with turn based fighting system then you'll like child of light

theshredded1474d ago

Mixed?!it has an 82 on metacritic

rivencleft1474d ago

I've loved any game made with UbiArt so this will definitely be a day one buy.