Andrew House: We ‘Underestimated the Potential’ of PS4 Camera

PlayStationing writes: "It seems that the demand for the PlayStation 4 camera is surprisingly high, especially when you consider one of the main reasons people didn’t want to buy an Xbox One was because Kinect was forcibly bundled in."

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XiNarutoUzumaki1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

The good thing about the PS Camera is that it is optional. You are not forced to buy it with the console. That was a good move Sony.

People who have it are taking advantages of it. Voice commands works well, but the facial recognition still needs some work. I cannot wait to see how future games are going to use the PS camera. I use it playing Thief quite a bit.

gaffyh1204d ago

I bought it, but would have liked it if there was more content other than Playroom, but I know anything that they rushed out for launch would be pretty pointless. Only reason I got it was because it was bundled in cheap, and it is actually quite small.

JoGam1204d ago

Yup. At least Video Chat. My camera sits on top of my TV and there's no use for it other than logging in with controller.

Eonjay1204d ago


I think Project M is the real reason to own one. So, a lot of people will hold off until that becomes available.

ShinMaster1203d ago

I bought it at launch.

Came back to GameStop next week and they were sold out.

UltraNova1203d ago

I'm still waiting on some games that properly utilize the camera before I buy one.

I think keeping it optional was the best move, I mean look at how the whole thing with the Kinect turned out and you know why it was a good move to leave the ps4 camera it optional (consumer's choice, lower price, less resources used for it as it wasnt fully integrated with the ps4 leaving more room for games).

Its was a gold move.

frenchtoast1203d ago

Playroom is pretty good as a tech demo though.

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XiSasukeUchiha1204d ago

True that Naruto the people want option to buy the camera, not being force with it. PS camera has the potential to future games.

So rock on!

choujij1203d ago

Yeah it's nice not having peripherals shoved down your throat.

Potato chips on the other hand. ;)

Neonridr1204d ago

I got it with the hopes that down the road they do more with it. I don't do live streaming or anything (but now that I have it, I do have the option to do it). I would assume that the camera will come in handy for the Morpheus in the future.

Clover9041204d ago

It'll do more than come in handy with Morpheus. It'll be required. Morpheus uses Move technology, and the PS Camera was made with the eventual future Morpheus release in mind.

Neonridr1204d ago

@Clover - yeah I kinda figured as much.

osprey191204d ago

So wait, Microsoft have a camera and everyone and their mother seems to hate it, yet wen Sony does it, its brilliant? Optional or not that's just bias.

oakshin1204d ago

I'd have to see the Seles numbers first but yes that's right it's not bias it's simply ps4 gamers won't a camera more then Sony thought they would that and song didn't make half there studios make games just for a camera r anything like that that's the real issue way to many kinectONLY 360 games

sinspirit1204d ago

And you trying to spin it into bias is just dumb.

rainslacker1203d ago

People found a brilliant use for the camera. Overall though there isnt much use for it games. For those that don't care about what the camera has to offer right now, they dont have to be bothered by it or spend money on it.

wouldn't say it's particularly brilliant on sonys part, just lucky happenstance.

killzone6191203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

"Voice commands works well"

LMAO! no they dont

MasterCornholio1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )


They work extremely well even though the commands are very limited.

I own a PS4 and two mics (bundled PS4 mic and headset mic) and the voice commands work great with both.

So there!!!!

Blaze9291203d ago

"That was a good move Sony. "

in terms of what? Making people happy with choice? Certainly won't be a good move when it comes down to how many developers choose to utilize it in terms of, "how many people actually have this?" vs "well I know every console comes with it so might as well use it"

Tsar4ever011203d ago

Uhh, don't forget people are using the PScam for perverted reasons also, allota twisted exibitionist out there.

maniacmayhem1203d ago

"You are not forced to buy it with the console."

It's not "forced" the camera comes with the console. It's like saying these consoles are forcing you with an included controller.

This N4G buzz word of "forced" is being over used and thrown around a lot. If a system comes with it and works well with it then why not have it? It's obvious from the mouth of a Sony exec that PS4 fans love and want the camera.

XiNarutoUzumaki1202d ago

Except the controller is the main peripheral of the console. The kinect and the PS camera are add-ons. At least PS fans have the choice og buying one or saving money for games instead of paying more for something useless at tge moment.

See the difference?

maniacmayhem1202d ago

There is no difference. The only difference is what you are desperately trying to make up and pass off as what everyone thinks. A person paying money for a Xbox One knows full well what they are getting and how much they are spending.

No one is "forcing" them to buy the Kinect when they are making a clear decision purchasing a Xbox One. I can't really stress that enough.

And if you don't have enough money left over for games then maybe you should set your financial priorities straight first before purchasing any console.

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Christopher1204d ago

I wouldn't say demand is high... (not even 20% of total PS4s sold). And, I would say that the reason people want the camera is for streaming purposes. Not to play camera-based games.

DoesUs1204d ago

Doesn't matter why they bought it, the point is they bought it in the first place. High based on Sony's own estimates i'd suggest.

Christopher1204d ago

Actually, it does. If they focus too much on camera-based games, the things people who own cameras don't want, that's wasted money and potential lost on games people do want.

dcbronco1203d ago

cgoodno I see what you did there. The old reverse logic if Microsoft can't walk and chew bubblegum, neither can Sony. But PS fans are too smart for that.

Naga1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

@ cgoodno

Exactly. Though I still wonder if the fact that the PS4 has been selling like hot cakes will turn that <20% figure into a large enough install base such that more developers would be willing to invest the resources to design game features around it.

Neonridr1204d ago

that's the only draw back. When developers look at the Wii U gamepad, they know that 100% of Wii U owners have it, so if they make custom features, they are definitely being used. Same thing with MS and the Kinect, everyone has one.

I can't really see many developers making anything with the camera in mind since like you pointed out, not everyone has one.

SpiralTear1204d ago

People do mostly buy it for streaming purposes; the thing is that Sony's isn't just marketing the streaming, but they're supporting it super hard.

I'm surprised that Sony underestimated the PS4 camera's appeal, because their push for live streaming on PS4 was vigorous. It showed that they wanted live streaming to be an integral part of the PS4. Hell, the Share button on the controller supports that.

DJMarty1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

It doubles up as a mic array.

Christopher1204d ago

I find that, even though I wear a Pulse Elite headset with the mic on all the time, I never use the voice commands on my PS4. It's just not something I do. It seems just easier to use the controller in my hand.

Am I weird?

TheUndertaker851204d ago

@cgoodno: Voice control with the Pulse ELITE doesn't always like working out as well anyway. The camera seems better suited to voice controls, taking them in with greater accuracy.

I really hope they add in more voice commands in the future too. For video playback in particular would be very welcome.