18 Greatest Golf Games of All Time

Golf is an activity that is challenging, relaxing, and addictive, but unfortunately time, finances, and distance often stand in the way of enjoying the pleasures of the course. Fortunately, online and console golf games exist in abundance to help satisfy the craving, and these games are addictive in their own right. The intricacies of strategy and skill are well-translated into a virtual experience in many games; others offer a more casual approach. Whether playing the full 18 holes of real, famous golf courses or focusing on angles in a whimsical miniature golf games, I find the range of options to play golf online endlessly entertaining and challenging. Here are 18 of of my current and past favorites.

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DualWielding1534d ago

Links is the best on my book..... I always resented Microsoft from buying access and ruining the Tex Murphy and Links franchises

theizzzeee1534d ago

No Wii games on this list??? It doesn't seem quite right to me.

Dasteru1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Wow what a crap list. Several Android/iOS ones, including "Flick golf" but they don't have Hal's Hole in One for the SNES. The first true golf simulator on consoles.