New Watch Dogs Screens Detail Environments, App, and Characters

Ubisoft has released a batch of new screenshots from Watch Dogs that detail the game’s digital version of Chi-town with some views of a few of the city’s major landmarks. There are also a few screens that detail the game’s companion app for tablets and phones, which will allow other player’s to assist in your quest to hack apart the city.

There are two action shots as well as a poker table shot and a look at Bedbug to round out the new Watch Dogs screenshots.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1502d ago

They're shoving so many things into this game that now I'm starting to worry about whether or not it'll get confusing/overwhelming.XD
Looking forward to trying it regardless, though...

Deividas1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Adding a poker mini game will make it confusing? Last thing anyone wants is a gorgeous huge city, and nothing to do in it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1502d ago

No, I mean all the things collectively, not just the poker game.XD

Plagasx1502d ago

These screenshots are old..Hate when sites get away with this crap.

MasterD9191502d ago

Watch Dogs looks great, but I'm having a hard time deciding if I want to pre-order it or hold-off for a bit...I kinda wish a review or two would get leaked, so I have an understanding of whether these features work like they actually should or not.

MidnytRain1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

25% off if you pre-order from here. It's what I'm doing. I too thought I'd hold off, but I might as well save the money.

medman1502d ago

I was fully expecting to wait until reviews rolled in as well, but I got a pretty good deal and got $20 off the game so I went with it. It looks like there will be plenty of content in the game world, so I'm looking forward to it.