Famitsu software sales (4/28 - 5/4)

Check out the latest Japanese games sales (software) from Japan.

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Neonridr1508d ago

odd that the PS3 and PS4 versions of Child of Light sold exactly the same amount. Is that a cross-buy game or something?

Muzikguy1508d ago

I was wondering that myself lol

Knushwood Butt1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

The 'retail' package is, yeah.

It doesn't contain a disc: just a download code that you can use on PS3 and PS4. Also comes with some artwork and stuff (that I haven't actually looked at yet).

After looking at the link, I assume the retail version sold 15,714 (according to them) and they then split that down the middle as there's no way to know if the buyer got it for PS4 or PS3.

Neonridr1507d ago

They get some odd retail options in Japan. NES Remix 1+2 being in a physical package as well (although could be exactly the same as what you described for Child of Light - just a download code inside).

Geobros1508d ago

Kirby is still in top 10?? wow!!!!

rextraordinaire1508d ago

Happy to see that child of light did well overseas. :)

Muzikguy1508d ago

15,714 is doing well? I was hoping for much better numbers than that. Oh well

rextraordinaire1508d ago

It's on the 10th spot. That's doing well in my book. :)

Muzikguy1508d ago

Yeah it's decent but I always hope for a new console to be up there towards the top. Then again, it's Japan. I don't understand the lack of a want for a console over there

Knushwood Butt1508d ago

I'd say that's pretty good for a new IP from a non-Japanese dev, and one that's download only too.

DemonChicken1508d ago

Do want Dai-3-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z Jigoku-hen and sword art! My Vita needs some more extra goodness xD