Wtf Did I Just Play Review of Daylight [Kuma Kreations Ent]

Kuma wrote: I am going to be straight with you gamers, Kuma is not one that enjoys a survival horror game. It is not because I am scared or anything…pfft, please…It is because I tend to ask a lot of questions on the while, but yet I tend to still have fun on the stupidity of the person I am playing as. I have played many horror titles, but my main kryptonite has always been survival horror, but the awesome people at Atlus was all like, “Shut the f**k up and play this game!” So of course I took one look and was like, “Okay.” and here we go.

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WorldGamer1479d ago

Wow, the title should be changed to "WTF Did I Just Read". I am not saying you have to be some Pulitzer Prize winner, but at least write a legible article.

That being said, if this individual doesn't really care for horror games, why is he reviewing one?

I guess that's why we get to vote on what gets approved, I hope this one doesn't move forward.

SavageKuma1479d ago

Did you read the full review or just the description? Either way I enjoyed the game, I was just trying to put a comedic spin on this particular title. I guess I had too much fun with the article.

WorldGamer1478d ago

I actually did read your whole article and the comedic angle, while welcome, was not executed well here. Overall, my question still stands, if you don't like horror games, why review this one?

I'm sure you put a lot of work into this, just seems like it needs a lot more polish. But it's just my take on it, you did post it to the internet after all.

SavageKuma1478d ago

If you read it you would of noticed that I did enjoy it for what it was and I played it because it was given to me as a review. Honestly think about your question. I am a reviewer I don't like survival horror, but I will give certain ones a shot. It is called an un-bias opinion look it up. Also it was a comedic thing to do since many of my readers excluding yourself saw the point and enjoyed it. Yes I posted it on the internet, thank you captain obvious, but if that is your excuse for being a complete a**hole. Then I suggest getting your priorities straight.