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Neonridr1504d ago

so Famitsu finally joined the XL and regular 3DS sales. Makes it far easier to read now.

GdaTyler1504d ago

They normally do. It's Media Create that separates them.

Neonridr1504d ago

ahhh gotcha, thanks for pointing that out. Quite true, I didn't even notice.

slivery1503d ago

I can see why people would make that mistake since they always use that same picture for almost every media create also.

Geobros1504d ago

3DS is unstoppable there!!

MightyNoX1504d ago

Respectable debut for Child of Light.

Also I, for one, welcome our Yokai Watch overlord.

Moonman1504d ago

Wii U sales are rising too with MK8 incoming...

Neonridr1504d ago

once MK8 drops in Japan, the word "rising" will be an understatement. Wii U sales will go up like 1000% when that game releases.

Muzikguy1504d ago

PS4 is having a rough go so far. Glad it's doing well everywhere else

Neonridr1504d ago

no games that appeal to the Japanese crowd really. Obviously it will get better as the developers transition over from the PS3 to PS4. That being said the list is predominantly Nintendo anyways..

Muzikguy1504d ago

There isn't really many games to appeal to westerners yet either. At least according to certain people. I can't wait for some RPGs!

miyamoto1503d ago

This is why it made sense for Sony to capitalize on the west for home consoles and not in Japan.

Japan is in deep economic crisis right now that's why people have not much time to play games at home instead they use train and bus time to play video games in their handhelds or phone.

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