NHL 2K7 The PS3 Review

The game was released not too long ago on the Xbox 360 (and current-gen systems as well), and while the PS3 version is in large part an exact replica of said release, it does bring with it a few PlayStation 3-specific features that make great use of the SIXAXIS controller.

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Raist3719d ago

"One thing that's somewhat disappointing about the game is that despite the PlayStation 3's support for seven controllers"

wth ?

Munky3719d ago

"One thing that's somewhat disappointing about the game is that despite the PlayStation 3's support for seven controllers, NHL 2K7 ONLY ALLOWS FOR FOUR PLAYERS ON THE ICE."

Arkham3719d ago

Sounds like another solid game. That's, what, 3 now? ;) Well percentage-wise, I'm impressed.

Too bad there aren't yet enough of the games that *I* want to play. Still, a great sports game at launch is promising.

And now we return you to your regularly-scheduled "Sucks! Rental1!!1 GWO GOT 9>5!!!" posts.

Munky3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

or to be exact the most realistic hockey game ever made. I am probably one of the few people who owns(XBOX360) and plays this game everyday (Ranked 23rd ;) ), and it is the best hockey game out there by far. Like most Canadians I live and die hockey, and this game is hockey. Everything reacts how it should, the puck physics the skating, name it, the online fetures are the top notch to. The only iffy thing about it is the presentation, the menu's and loading screens look very last gen-ish (if that even makes sense). Anyways the game is awesome, if you love hockey and own a PS3 this is the game to get.

Arkham3719d ago

Go Leafs! ;)

Let us know your impressions if you get it.

Munky3718d ago

I'm from Montreal man..."F" the Leafs!! HABS ALL THE WAY!! ;)

Bebedora3718d ago

You're all wrong. It's all about the 'hawks! :P
I have it for the PS2, still too new to say anything good/bad about it yet. Just bought it. NHL '06 was just a big disappointment (the control's latency). If it's that good, I'll purchase it for the PS3 as well (in march).

Munky3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

And if you played NHL 2K6 before you played NHL 2K7, you would have noticed right away how much better of a game 2K7 is. Not saying that 2K6 was a bad hockey game, it just that 2K7 is that good. Yes NHL 07 is fun and innovative with the new skill stick, but overall it's not a better representation of how hockey really feels and plays.

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xrobbanx3719d ago

Xbox 360 Game by 2K Sports IGN Score: 8.9

It´s better on the 360 as always

Raist3719d ago

funny thing is that it gets a 9.5 for presentetion for 360, and 8 for PS3... wth ?

They downgrade it because it does not allow 7 player games. Geez, it's been a while since they said this 7 controller thing has been cancelled.

Same goes for graphics. Way better score for 360, and when you compare the screens, they're equivalent.

xrobbanx3719d ago

Screens are nothing animation and framerate is everything

Bebedora3718d ago

So very true. Everyone should take notice about this. Just making fluid animated frames is so much worth it than the graphics stellar look in a screenshot.