MLB 14 The Show: A Showcase of the Playstation 4′s Power

GoodGameBro writes, "MLB The Show is known for being one of the best looking sports titles and this trend continues as MLB 14 The Show is available on PS4 for the first time. This was SCE San Diego’s first attempt at bringing the baseball series to a next-generation console and the stadiums, athletes and fans look better than ever before on PS4."

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Angels37851313d ago

Like all MLB games


that's why they sell so well!

I'm surprised they haven't done the sweepstakes this year for pitching a perfect game...

TheDarpaChief1313d ago just contemplating getting it thats why

Skate-AK1313d ago

I thought that was 2K? I don't remember Sony doing that.

Angels37851313d ago

Oh yeah I think you're right :0

No_Limit1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

The load time is only bad in the beginning when you first play. The system allows you to play after about 5GB has been installed. I was ticked off because the load screen would last like 2-3 minutes but after the full 37.5gb install, the speed is much quicker now. LOL, haven't play a baseball game for ages but I am glad they have a download feature to download other peoples' creations and and customs rosters with legends such as Babe Ruth and Roger Clemens.

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Kevin263851313d ago

If you liked how the game played on PS3, you will enjoy it on PS4 with the enhanced graphics.

likeaboss3021313d ago

You mean the 15FPS broadcast style shots? Very disappointed in the game so far.

Aceman181313d ago

looks great, but has anyone notice when you blow the pics up there's a small pic of the X1 controller?

that's pretty weird imo lol

sic_chops1313d ago

I noticed it too. It's weird. Looks like the website added it.

Skate-AK1313d ago

Lol. Looks like it's the websites watermark. Dumb idea.

amnalehu1313d ago

Game play is spot on. The videos and the streams do no justice to the visual fidelity of of MLB 14. I haven't tried online yet (it's probably a mess) but the rest of the game is great.

mrmarx1313d ago

good 8.5 overall for me

HaveAsandwich1313d ago

great. little lag online, but it's better than yesterday.

malokevi1313d ago

Probably more of the same. After all, it is technically a port of the PS3 version, so you know what to expect if you have any experience with the franchise. It got an 8 from IGN, so I would say "great". Usually they do good reviews, IMO.

But, obviously, this article is focused on the visuals, and rightfully so.

Considering it's a port (not a bad thing, just expected at this point), I would say it's the best looking cross-gen title yet (besides, maybe BF4, but... that's a special case). I'm extremely impressed. Imagine what they will be able to do when they aren't focused on last gen. Hopefully EA Sports can pull of the same magnitude of difference with NHL2015.

They are cherry picking screenshots and dumping all over it at MisterXmedia.... caused me to delete my account today. That place is more poisonous to the discourse than N4G. PPL may spin a tangled web here, but at least you can voice your disagreement ( least, once #supermegasadness2dxtreme)

but I digress.

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johny51313d ago

Just got it and it's AWASOME!

But? I'm upset that you can't upload your own music in the jukebox like previous games so hopefully you can with an update? Come on SONY!

HappyWithOneBubble1313d ago

Best sports game of the year right now. If only they can make a NFL game.

rivencleft1313d ago

Don't think I've played a Show game since MLB 08, so I may have to pick this up, the graphics look stunning.

DJustinUNCHAIND1313d ago

The game is gorgeous but the load times are a bit ridiculous.

johny51313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

that's one thing they need to fix in the next update and hopefully they implement a way to play custom music because I like me some Queen and U2 and want to use the theme from the movie The Natural for my custom created character.

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