Ubisoft Announce Valiant Hearts: The Great War Pricing And Release Date, And Reveal New Trailer

Ubisoft have revealed that Valiant Hearts will be available to download in June.

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BG115791357d ago

I'm definitly buying this.

DemonChicken1357d ago

Love the art, simple yet very effective and nice.

This sounds very good too-
" a story-driven platformer and puzzler which follows the lives of several characters during World War 1 whose fates are intertwined"

Errefus1356d ago

Looks Great, glad to see ubi trying different things.

john4161356d ago

This game looks like it has something new something different a great change of pace from the norm we've become accustomed too.

Clover9041356d ago

After thoroughly enjoying every second of Child of Light UbiArt has my undivided attention with all future projects. Valiant Hearts looks like another stellar title.

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The story is too old to be commented.