Ryse – Its Not Bad

"Ryse is really not bad. It looks great, controls well and has some fine set pieces. So why all the hate?" says CalmDownTom

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ats19921535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

People hate on it because its an xbox one exclusive which is dumb because they haven't even played the game. If you have played the game you would know it has a good story, good characters, and great set pieces.

XiNarutoUzumaki1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

People hate Knack because it's a PS4 exclusive, which is dumb because they haven't played the game. If you have played the game, you would know it has a good story, good characters, and great set pieces.

TheRocksStrudle1533d ago

Lol stop trying youre wasting bubbles on them

system221533d ago

Personally I think both games were underrated

TRD4L1fe1533d ago

I played knack, got bored after 15mins

havent played ryse so I cant say

GordonKnight1533d ago


At launch I wanted both games, but couldn't bring myself to drop $60 on either of them.

I recently purchased Knack from Newegg for $25 and I plan on doing the same thing with Ryse. When I can find it at a good price. Knack is a great game and Ryse looks amazing.

I can wait. I've got 11 games for my Wii U with 23 VC games.

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Bigpappy1535d ago

It's their loss. I actually still play the arena challenges and have a blast with them.

Hellsvacancy1534d ago

I don't like Mustard, never tasted it, it smells disgusting "give it a rest you're nothing but a Tomato Sauce fanboy"

People like different things, you'll never ever see me watching a Hunger Games movie

GamingSinceThe80s1533d ago

I didn't think I would like hunger games ether. I thought I looked like teen girl garbage like twilight imo. But I recently watched both and they are quite good.You should give it HG a try like me you mite be surprised.And as for Ryze I had a good time with it, quite impressive for a launch title.I kind of forgot about Knack after launch but this made me remember to try it out.I think I was hoping it would eventually come to PS plus.

brads41533d ago

Ya, you should try it. It's far better than it looks from the cover.

Baka-akaB1533d ago

I fund the first one weak , and not really delivering its promises . But i'll admit it was above the fold of teen books adaptations .

ANd i liked actually the second movie to my surprise .

RyanShutup1533d ago

Yeah def not like twilight... it's pretty effin dark actually

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lifeisgamesok1534d ago

Ryse was set up by "game journalist" the game in my opinion is a 9 and should've at least scored a 7 or 8

Top of the line visuals, good story, and good gameplay

MasterCornholio1533d ago

"Ryse was set up by "game journalist" the game in my opinion is a 9 and should've at least scored a 7 or 8"


It really is a mediocre game. You know those can exist right?

MrSwankSinatra1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

See this is why i will never understand this notion. If you don't like something then you're either "hating on it and/or a hater". I don't like Killzone or Halo but is it because they're exclusive or because I'm a hater? No, i genuinely do not like those games.

Volkama1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

But do you say "those games are terrible!!!" or do you say "I don't like them"? One of those statements would incite arguments, the other would not.

Objectively speaking Ryse has some fantastic qualities and some flaws as well. Personally I enjoyed it a lot.

@Baka I'll entertain any objective discussion on what is good or bad about a game. I like discussing things. But terrible is a pretty strong verdict, and objectively speaking shouldn't apply to Killzone or Halo...

Baka-akaB1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

But what if he find the game terrible truly and properly argues about it ? I found the game pretty sure , but the gameplay is mediocre along with the rest , aside from the graphics .

This is the kind of Conan... Beowulf , Thor and whatever mediocre spawned hack and slash we avoided like the plague and made fun of , and now suddenly it's good or shouldnt be criticized because it's from Crytek and pretty ?

Nope . I tried it , even if i was already biased against the title via previous intel and feeds . I do prefer the playstation side of gaming , but i still got my XB1 and prefered to get titles like Forza or even give a chance to a franchise i dont usually like Dead Rising , over buying what i consider to be a pretty turd .

The issue isnt even there , the issue is that if you dislike Ryse (or killzone or knack) you're branded a fanboy of the opposing side . Or if you called Heanvely sword pretty witha good story but mediocre overall , just the same

So kudos for those that liked and stomached the game , but yeah "it is terrible" in my book .


Sure but i stand by my verdict . Let's put it this way , while obviously an important and visceral part of those games , let's imagine the game not having the same gorgeous graphics , but something more ordinary instead .. would we even be arguing or debating about the game ... or would it be quickly forgotten and only appreciated by a few , like those Beowulf and conan games i mentioned ? I think it's the later

GamingSinceThe80s1533d ago

Even if I don't like something I can usually see the value that it has to other's and relies it's not for me. Even if you don't like Halo,killzone would you rely call them bad games that deserve to be called out as trash?Or do you think they are good games but just not for you?I think there is a big difference between not liking something and hating on it.Even if I didn't like Ryse I would score it higher than the low scores I have seen, a 2/10 is hating,giving it at the very least a 7/10 is just being honest.There are games that are a broken,unplayable mess that do nothing the developers set out to do in the first place and should have never seen release and deserve that low a score .But Ryse is in no way one of those games.

Baka-akaB1533d ago

But trolls are obvious . Bare a few they just thow one assassine oneliners . They just wanna trash something and it usually shows .

But not everyone disliking the titles will be one

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spicelicka1533d ago

It looks amazing but I think it would've been better as a fantasy game just for gameplay's sake. Although I haven't played the game, I just can't imagine much variety in fighting just humans. Having a fantasy setting really allows for more diversity in gameplay, you can fight monsters, giants, bosses, all kinds of crazy stuff.

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AKissFromDaddy1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

It's the gameplay, It's not appealing to me. If it were like Dark Souls with a stamina bar, that'd be fun. Making every swing count.

When he cuts, there's no dismemberment or blood unless it's a QTE. The QTE are too slow and aren't bloody or gorier enough in my opinion.

I don't know about the story, but from the outside it doesn't feel inviting nor appealing.

The enemies aren't cool, which is the most vital part. The more badass the enemies, the more badass the main character must be to overcome them.

Does anyone share my views or understand why I would hold them?

GarrusVakarian1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

"It's the gameplay, It's not appealing to me"

This is exactly how it was for me too. The graphics, the setting, the voice acting, the motion capture were all top tier...but the gameplay was pretty bad, imo. It got boring very quickly, there's no way i would have been able to go through the entire game using that combat system.

All Crytek need to do in their inevitable sequel is work on the combat system. Make it deeper and more comprehensive, less clunky and less repetitive and i think it would be a solid game.

Edit: Oh, and some enemy variety also, the enemies were almost all the same person (bald guy and fat man, lol).

deepio1533d ago

It had its shortcomings but I enjoyed it. Let's hope there is a Ryse 2 with the necessary improvements.

incendy351533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I loved the combat personally, especially the blocking mechanism which had so much impact. In fact the combat to me was probably the best I have experienced in a sword based game. Especially on Legendary difficulty. As for the enemies the main enemies were comprised of three different bad guys, but then again the main enemies in Second Son were of two different guys.

creatchee1533d ago


I feel the same way - extremely high quality on the production end of things, but the combat just kinda got old. I mean, it's challenging on harder difficulties, but not in a way that makes it more endearing to play or anything. Still, it's a nice technical showpiece.

Volkama1533d ago

RE: Enemy variety, they could just stick helmets on more of the enemies and that'd be more or less solved. Maybe mix up some hair colours and face paints on the unmasked ones.

The lack of variety also stood out so much because the executions put so much focus on their faces too. The executions haven't been received too well anyway, so they may be reduced in number in a sequel.

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MasterCornholio1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

"It's the gameplay, It's not appealing to me."

Yep also the reason why I dont buy Battlefield or Call of Duty. What I dont like is when people call me a hater because of my preferences. Heck I was even called a hater when I said that Lococycle looked like a horrible cheesy game.

I'm going to platinum AC4 but I understand that there are people who dont like the game and I respect their opinion.

Volkama1533d ago

"I respect their opinion"

It would be so much easier to have discussions about games here if more people did that.

guyman1533d ago

You wouldn't be seeing articles like this if the game was multiplat

MasterD9191533d ago

I think it shows off the hardware well, but I never went out of my way to play it, despite my friends telling me how great it was. I saw a few of them playing it, but Titanfall was far more interesting to me at the time, so I skipped over Ryse entirely. I'll probably pick it up down the line, but didn't see a need to rush to do so.

hankmoody1533d ago

Instead of believing that the game is nothing but a QTE fest, people should try playing the game for themselves. It's not the most amazing game ever but it looks nice and plays pretty well.

KonsoruMasuta1533d ago

Looking "nice" and playing "pretty well" is not enough. The game looks good but the gameplay is boring, bland, and repetitive. It has a 61 on Metacritic for a reason.

hankmoody1533d ago

Like I said, it's not the most amazing game but it's nowhere near as bad as people would have you believe. And I don't put stock in Metacritic reviews, I play games and make up my own mind about it.


The fighting mechanic is just as familiar as any other fighting mechanic. No one complains about Batman, assassins creed, etc...its the same fighting mechanic as those games. At the time people just wanted to pick on MS and its games. This game was epic and I enjoyed it for what it was.

Baka-akaB1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

" No one complains about Batman, assassins creed, etc...its the same fighting mechanic as those games"

I would complain . Hell plenty complain about AC's fights actually . Those game often offer a subpar or just standard fighting experience and we are ok with it n because they are sandboxes or offer so much more via the experience . The focus isnt necessarily on the fight

It's not at all the same as an action hack and slash with a poor system , when it's half the fun of it for some people .

I'm not going to say your opinion on the game is wrong , it's yours . I just dont think it's possible to draw that comparison there

incendy351533d ago

I even liked the QTE's haha. Getting legendary executions was such a challenge. So much rhythm to all aspects of the combat including the QTE's.

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