Monday Musings: Sony's Indie Explosion - 14 Games You Need To Be Excited About

This week, the Musings tackles Sony's recent indie mega-event, Stealth Inc. 2's Wii U exclusivity, and Happy Cinco de Mayo! Which games are you looking forward to the most?

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S2Killinit1353d ago

As far as indie exclusives go, Helldivers is my most anticipated. Its up there with AAA games in fact.
Its going to be a blast playing a game like that with buddies.

piccolo9301353d ago

Helldivers is a great choice! I'm really pumped to try that one out too, as the game looks totally rad! It's supposed to be pretty challenging as well. I love the setting and the art style, too. The fact that it's cross-buy across all three PlayStation platforms just makes it that much more appealing.