Child of Light Review | Cnet

Cnet writes: "We can see what Ubisoft was aiming for, and it would have been amazing if the writers had pulled it off -- but they didn't. It's a shame, because it mars what would otherwise have been a just-about perfect gaming experience, and we can't help but feel that Child of Light deserved better.

Would that stop us from playing it? Heck no. It's a beautiful game, and one that the developers clearly poured a lot of love and work into. And it's a delightful contrast to the endless grit and guns and blood that mainstream developers seem to now think are so vital to the gaming experience. It's a gutsy move for Ubisoft, and we hope to see a lot more of its ilk in the future."

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isthe1534d ago

Woah, this actually seems like a really good game! I'm surprised! sucks though cause I just sold my ps3