John Smedley Hypes H1Z1 Melee & Weather Systems

John Smedley talked enthusiastically about the melee & weather systems in H1Z1, the upcoming zombie sandbox MMO by Sony Online Entertainment.

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TheUltimateGamer1503d ago

Nice! Glad to see they're "dividing the body up." I'm looking forward to shooting the legs and arms off a zombie or two. Hope everything works as well as they're boasting.

Festano1503d ago

Not to mention the rain system they want to use. He's coming really well.

MysticStrummer1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I thought they said there won't be dismemberment...

@franz - Sure, I was just reacting to what UltimateGamer said about shooting off legs and arms.

@Jedi - There was a good amount of variety to the zombie walking styles in one of the videos I saw, so that could be true. Shot to the leg makes them drag that leg and slows them down, shot to the other leg might make them fall down and crawl, or if they get up after falling they'll be even slower. We'll see...

kaiserfranz1503d ago

There won't be dismemberment, but that doesn't mean that the bodies won't react in different ways depending on where they got hit.

BABY-JEDI1503d ago

No limb dismemberment. Maybe to do with character movement. More lurching I guess LoL

Fusromandah1503d ago

Swooooooning over this game.

XiSasukeUchiha1503d ago

Damn this game is going put to Sony #1 for longer !

kaiserfranz1503d ago

Well, if they can really make a more polished DayZ then yes, it could be a big deal.

frostypants1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

That isn't saying much. Right now DayZ barely qualifies as a game. It's more of a PvP exercise that has a few harmless zombies for decoration.

Everyone loves DayZ for what they think it will become. I don't think it will ever get there.

error131503d ago

My PS4 is ready Sony, when are you going to officialy announce it for the PS4 Sony, when? when? wheeeeeeeen!?

MysticStrummer1503d ago

I bet they'll do it at E3, but PS4 won't actually see the game until at least a year later, same as with Planetside 2's announcement last year.

S2Killinit1503d ago

Maybe your vegicle will get stuck in mud during rainstorms when driving offroad. That, would be bad /:
Lol the fame is sounding better and better