WWE 2K15: 9 Reasons It MUST Be WWF vs WCW

WC - When THQ took to nostalgia to revitalise their stagnating WWE video game franchise with the “Attitude Era” mode in WWE 2K13, they struck gold. All of a sudden the games weren’t just designed with current fans of the product in mind but now they were also designed to be as equally appealing to those who were a part of the most exciting time in the history of this business, but who at some time in the past decade or so moved on or grew out of wrestling.

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creatchee1479d ago

That would be cool... Maybe have a Monday Night Wars mode where you choose a company and try to keep your ratings up and signing the rival promotion's stars.

sovietsoldier1479d ago

awesome very accurate post and down right genius. however lets not leave out ecw as they made a impact on the wars, tho late in the game but still important.