Square Enix to win E3 2014?

Excitement is building in the run-up to E3, but could it be that a third-party publisher is poised to steal the show from under the noses of the platform holders? Play magazine unearths seven potential games that could see Square Enix do just that.

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sonypsnow1450d ago

"Square Enix announced Bravely Default developer will develop Final Fantasy 16" could win Most Anticipated JRPG of E3 2014.

Unreal011450d ago

Final Fantasy XIII-4 Lightning Returns II Confirmed.

mikeslemonade1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Pretty easy to win when they have shown shown us anything since 2009 in E3. Pretty easy to lump everything from those years into one and say you won.

I'm saying in general. I know the FFXV trailer was amazing last year but the theme they haven't shown us enough.

UltraNova1450d ago

How in the world are they going to schedule so many games for release? One per month?? 2 a year?

Anw,If they show all those games at this E3 I can’t see anyone else stealing the show from them.

3-4-51450d ago

Square Enix Wins IF they announce Dragon Quest 7 3DS, Dragon Quest 11 for 3DS or PS4/Vita.

MoveTheGlow1450d ago

Man, they really need to make a newer-gen DQ single-player game. DQ8 was amazing...

I mean, I get that they work pretty lean over there, and the amount of work it would take to make a new big DQ game would be astronomical, but that's where a console developer should be throwing its cash. Make it exclusive and help them make a gigantic Dragon Quest game... not another MMO.

3-4-51450d ago

An HD Quality Dragon Quest game that is like DQ 8/9 but better looking and HUGE.

Magicite1450d ago

Show me playable FF15 and announce 2014/early2015 release date and You win me.
Add something from KH3 as a bonus.

ZeroX98761450d ago

This is more of a "Would like to". I would love to see SE with some major JRPG titles like FFXV and maybe even a revival of an old franchise, but the chances are really low if you look at the recent years titles.

MeteorPanda1450d ago

In recent years:
thief, ff14, bravely default 1 and 2, dues ex, theatrhythm, recent remakes of kingdom hearts and ff10. On the internet side of things, FF14 which is a tribute to the fans that said they wern't happy with 11 then put their hearts into making better and the succeeded, on a much bigger scope then blizzard did with d3 to make better, they basically built the game from the ground up with a whole new approach, they wern't even sure it was going to sell, it's now one of the most amazing mmo's l've played worth a sub...if you ever get the time, read the letters Naoki Yoshida writes to the players on a monthly basis, the guy gives a shit.

From memory they also have a hand in diablo 3 for japan release. And ff15 is basically done..

what the hell do people want from them?? Sure ff13 was a "wtf are they doing" series but to me it felt they were using it to explore then anything else, just getting all the creative shit they wanted to do off their chest.

I think they deserve a shot at the award.

rextraordinaire1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

FFXV looks everything like FFXIII was that pissed off fans. Action battle system? Check. Modern setting with pretty boys? Check. Graphics over everything else? Check.

I believe I'm right in saying that some fans want a return to form. An emphasis on charm, turn based battles, evocative story.

That "modern japan emo shit" is not what most Final Fantasy fans enjoyed in their early days. Just look at FF 1 to 6. It's all high fantasy, with dragons, silly jokes, and a general mood of fun. XV looks nothing like that.

MeteorPanda1450d ago

they have recently stated that the success of bravery has made them rethink their priorities and jrpg was going to make a come back. it was n4g somewhere.. You do owe it to yuorself to play brevrly default if you miss the atb system and charming characters.

we still don't know the story for 15, from what l've seen it seems a lot more upbeat from how it started off as. Who's to say what it's like.

And Square is Japanese based. ofc they are going to do pretty boys, you expecting them to change that is like expecting America to stop making shooters...

rextraordinaire1450d ago

We don't know the story, but anyone with eyes to see can have some first impression about the characters. As I see them, they're in the club of Cloud, Squall, Lightning and co. Quite far away from Rydia or Mog, if you ask me...

But yeah, as far as XVI is concerned, I have good hopes. But I have a feeling XV will have some fans crying, just the same as XIII did.

ZeroX98761450d ago

The Eidos staff has been doing a great job for sure, I'm just missing my good singleplayer JRPG on home console, which we didn't really get with FFXIII.

Plus they tried 3 titles in the same universe, which personally I didn't like. Not hating on the game, but it could have been so much more.

MoveTheGlow1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )


You'd be surprised how many people will look over the aesthetic issues if there's a great story and solid gameplay underneath it all. FFX-2, for example - no one in the States wanted a numbered sequel-sequel Charlie's Angels RPG, but we sure did love that battle system. Crisis Core, man... just... Crisis Core. Aw yeah.

Now, FFXIII had none of that. A great story with an equally great ending? "Serah!!" No. A meaningful, customizable leveling system? No. A coherent, understandable battle system? No. A fleshed-out world with actual *places to go* instead of more corridors? No - Gran Pulse doesn't count, it's basically just a shoehorned Monster Hunter in the middle of the game.

FFXV can give me all the zippers, emo hair, and brooding in the world if it's a fun game. IF. It had better be a fun game.

Also, have you SEEN Amano's artwork for FF6? That's no LOTR high-fantasy game, it's quite a bit Bishounen-steampunk-Bosch (no, not Basch) when you're not looking at the sprite-based approximation of that world. It's wholly unique from any fantasy template - well, until you get the side-questy Dragon hunt, but even then, some of those are clearly dinosaurs. :P

DragonKnight1450d ago

I think the fact that the Lighting Returns FFXIII retrospective done in the style of FFVI proves what every (or rather most, because some have decided to toss taste out the window) wants from an FF game. Hell, the video is more entertaining than all 3 games combined, to the point people have actually requested that FFXIII be redone in that style so that everyone can enjoy it. Just read the comments in the video...

But as for FFXV, it's nothing like FFXIII especially in the battle system. FFXIII had a butchered ATB system while FFXV has more of a KH battle system. What we need to know about it though is the story. Then we can really see what similarities there may be.

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rextraordinaire1450d ago

Even as far as jrpgs go, I'd say Atlus has the big end of the stick this year. I mean, Persona 5 is much more guaranteed to be of sky high quality compared to recent Final Fantasy outings...

Still, I wish only the best for S-E. I wish they wow us with new titles in their lesser franchises, like Star Ocean or Valkyrie Profile...

rextraordinaire1450d ago

That battle system never gets old!

pompombrum1450d ago

This pretty much. I have far more faith in Atlus doing good things with Persona 5 than anything Square Enix has up it's sleeves unless they somehow managed to bring back Sakaguchi and Uematsu to the project.

MoveTheGlow1450d ago

Now THIS I can agree with completely. The JRPG fan world is looking at Persona 5 right now, not FFXV. The whole SMT universe is pretty unflinching toward modern trends, doing whatever the heck it wants, and Persona has done turn-based RPGs with amazing narratives for a while. I can't wait!!

Inception1450d ago

Don't put to much hope for SE. Right now they only thinks franchise like FF, DQ, or KH that guaranteed a lot of money. I even bet FF XII HD and FF X-3 are in the making.

So, franchise like Star Ocean, VP, Chrono, Saga series, Mana series, or Front Mission are not important to them. Heck, those franchise are less important than some mobile games :'(

Jubez1871450d ago

If you want a good Star Ocean game you can play a Tales of.. game. They're like cousins.

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leahcim1450d ago

no I don´t think so, I´d say this E3 Microsoft might have the great chance of winning this year. I dunn a huncho exactly why but I have a hunch

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