Borderlands 2 PS Vita Slim Bundle Is Selling Like Hotcakes

Since yesterdays launch of the Borderlands 2 Vita Slim Bundle several retailers have sold out of stock.

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rarity1390d ago

That's good to know and hear.

GribbleGrunger1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

PS fan here ...

We'll see a spike in sales, that's a certainty but it will rapidly decline in sales two or three weeks later. What I'm interested in finding out is the new average AFTER the spike. Japan is doing fine, Europe could be better and America is yet to see any significant sales.

If Sony can raise the average in America to between 10k - 12k and in Europe 15k - 20k then that would be just dandy. Either way, the Vita is just fine and will continue to sell and grow every year.

Of course a price drop at E3 on both the Vita and the memory cards, coupled with a decent advertising campaign, could lead to those averages being 10k -15k higher in both territories. I've got NO idea how Borderlands will effect sales in Japan when it releases there.

BattleN1389d ago

Same could be said for my redheaded step child that is the WiiU haha!

miyamoto1389d ago

Dude ... Minecraft.That's the kind of game PS Vita needs.

nope1111389d ago

The Vita price is fine. $200 for the device is very affordable. Memory cards however, needs another price drop ASAP!

theshonen88991389d ago

As much as I would really love the PS Vita to be selling "like hotcakes", I'm pretty sure the reality is that the retailers didn't order a lot of stock to begin with. In any case, I'm glad consumer demand exceeded expectations.

kneon1389d ago


I expect you are correct, I find it hard to believe retailers would suddenly decide the massively increase their stock of Vitas.

Yes it's a good sign that they sold out but it's far too early to say whether this will have any lasting impact.

Odoylerules0001389d ago

Do hotcakes really sell that well? Hmm.. Also, yes, I hope Sony has something planned for the Vita at E3. Some additional effort from them in the handheld department would.....please me.

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Magicite1389d ago

Vite deserves these sales, now Sony, bring us more exclusives!

dodgemoose1390d ago

Good stuff. Wonder if it will receive a similar reaction in Europe.

I really hope Sony get a Minecraft bundle set up as I can see that selling like hotcakes as well.

porkChop1390d ago

Especially if they give it a custom Minecraft blocky paint job. Maybe shades of green like the creepers?

nope1111389d ago

Who the hell disagreed with you? A creeper faceplate would be brilliant!

GHOSTxx4201389d ago

Haters gon hate. Great idea btw..

dodgemoose1389d ago

Yeah, that's a awesome idea. A whole Minecraft bundle like this would do great (creeper imprinted on the back touchpad 'n' all):


porkChop1389d ago

Yeah I don't get the disagrees lol. When someone thinks of Minecraft they likely think of Creepers, and a Creeper Vita would look amazing. And yeah dodgemoose, it should also be printed on the touchpad.

porkChop1389d ago

Basically I was thinking something like this, just threw this together in PS.

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bothebo1390d ago

Oh shit, this could be big.

porkChop1390d ago

How well it's actually selling depends on the size of the shipments, but I'm really hoping these were large ones. The Vita really needs sales right now to bring in interest from AAA 3rd parties.

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