Nintendo says no to virtual equality in life game

Nintendo isn't allowing gamers to play as gay in an upcoming life simulator game.

The publisher of such gaming franchises as "The Legend of Zelda" and "Mario Bros." said Tuesday it wouldn't bow to pressure to allow players to engage in romantic activities with characters of the same sex in English editions of "Tomodachi Life." This follows a social media campaign launched by fans last month seeking virtual equality for the game's characters, which are modeled after real people.

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Activemessiah1535d ago

They're not saying no because they're against it, they just can't afford to alienate their demographic seeing that Nintendo has a family based connotation attached to it, last thing they need is to cause a major uproar and appear all over the news like Madworld did when it came out... EA and Rockstar know what to do and spin controversy to their advantage but to Nintendo it's actually not good news at all.

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Reeze1535d ago

Goodness gracious. Not everything is a personal attack against your agenda. Nintendo wants to maintain a family-friendly, accepted-by-everyone approach, and it's not up to you to make that decision.

Stop screaming for "tolerance" if you're going to throw a fit every time someone disagrees with you.

End rant.

TheTwelve1535d ago

Tolerance until they find something they can't tolerate.

-Foxtrot1534d ago

I'm sorry but your saying same sex marriage isn't "family friendly"...well that's bullshit because it should be as it's a part of our society now.

I mean your saying "accepted-by-everyone approach" yet the only way it will be accepted by everyone is if people don't shy away from it and let others know it should be accepted by everyone as there's nothing wrong with it

The only people who would complain about this would be the nut jobs who still have their heads stuck in the past.

Your making it sound like same sex marriage is not family friendly....what about families who are male/male or female/female, to them it's family friendly because they are a family.

Pretty backward thinking you have to be honest.

sonic9891534d ago

foxtrot buddy i agree with on many things but this thing no entirely the opposite .
and yes its not a norm at all

Reeze1534d ago

I find the fact that you called my beliefs "backwards" to be very ignorant and close-minded.

The truth is, same-sex marriage is a controversial subject. If rape became accepted by society, would it be right? Of course not. The same goes for this situation. Many people believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, and introducing their children to a concept they believe is wrong would make them very upset.

Everyone has different beliefs; please respect that.

MeteorPanda1534d ago

They still havn't had peach saving mario for an effort of breaking the gender stereotype, what makes you think they're going to suddenly do anything else? Pick a number and wait your turn :P

Beetey1534d ago

Regardless of your beliefs on same sex marriage, the logic that something is "family-friendly" because "it's a part of our society now" is completely wrong. I mean, murder, prejudice, and hate also exist within modern society. Clearly nobody would argue that these things are "family friendly."

Don't get me wrong, I'm not comparing same sex marriage to murder, I'm just pointing out an error in your reasoning.

-Foxtrot1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )


They have's called Super Princess Peach


lol how is that. The only backwards person here is you because your the type of person who doesn't want to push equality forward incase you upset the other backward people, that kind of thinking will end up in issues like this being put on hold and we don't want that, they should be standard by now. The world is changing, same sex marriages or gays/lesbians in general are part of society now, there's nothing wrong with who you love or who you want to spend your life with but it seems the world can't accept that because of people like you stating how stuff like it is not "family friendly", I mean that's just closed mindedness at it's best.

The fact your bringing Rape up in a convo like this shows me you are stretching for counter points.

The point is your saying it's because they want a family friendly approach yet totally ignore the families who are male/male, female/female. So they aren't classed as a family then.

You should move to Russia, I think your kind of thinking would be welcomed there.

The fact people are agreeing with you is disgusting. It's the 21st century for Christ sake.

ArtificiallyYours1534d ago

Pretty big Social Justice Warrior here.

rdgneoz31534d ago

"If rape became accepted by society, would it be right? Of course not."

Not so says the Catholic church (one of the main groups of people against gay marriage, irony?) and 200 deaf kids with sore bums...

And seeing how most of Europe and about half the US has gay marriage / civil unions, "most people" don't believe that. Then again, you have nut jobs like Russia who will kick you out of the country or throw you in jail for even talking about it...

nikrel1534d ago

Do you even own a 3DS or WiiU?

Don't buy the game show Nintendo with your wallet.

I'll buy this game because of the stance Nintendo has taken.

sonic9891534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

@ foxtrot :
if Russia is going to accept my belief and believe in GOD i will go there right away .
its not like the US are good people lol and for the matter western Europeans too .
you see it backwards we see it faith in god we wont move on and as i said i will keep my mentality fixed whatever happens .

Bimkoblerutso1534d ago

I don't want anyone to interpret this as me throwing in with the bible-thumpers, but I honestly get tired of hearing this kind of stuff described as "controversial" and "close-minded."

I don't find the simple exclusion of homosexual unions to be an affront on gay culture. Not every goddamn game is obligated to actively contribute to the homosexual movement.

thehobbyist1534d ago

I know it may seem like it's completely normal in your own friend circles and stuff. But many people still hate gays and lesbians. To the point where thrusting something like that into a game haphazardly could damage sales immensely.

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rextraordinaire1534d ago

About your post a bit further : We're not even talking about marriage here, just relationships. That marriage is legally accepted or not is up to debate, but that homosexual relations are not possible is not. Homosexual relationships are natural events and no man-made law will ever stop it from happening. Basically, Nintendo is ignoring a good part of what being human can be...

rainslacker1534d ago

Whatever the reason, Nintendo is not obligated to include anything they don't want to into the game. At the same time, the people that are upset about it just need to stop. I'm all for everyone having equal rights, but equal rights does not mean that they have to have equal representation in everything under the sun. This is Nintendo's game, they are free to do with it as they will. If they don't approve of Nintendo's choice, they can find another product that suits whatever it is they are looking for.

However, I do agree with you a bit Reeze. When it comes down to it, Nintendo is catering to their target audience, not a group of vocal people who want to see injustice at every turn.

Nintendo is a very traditional company, almost to the point of being like the Hallmark channel of gaming. Their games are fun, but I don't look to them for inciting political commentary, or going against what is considered the norm. Nintendo has almost always been a "play-it-safe" company, and anyone who wants them to change that to suit their own lifestyle is looking in the wrong place.

However, I do believe that same sex marriages can be just as loving and family friendly as traditional marriages, but disagree with Foxtrots view that such marriages are so commonplace to have become socially acceptable, or can become acceptable just because more media includes it.

I doubt Nintendo is shying away from including such a thing, it was probably never even a consideration. Forcing these kinds of things into whatever media those who signed the petition want, does nothing to bring acceptance, it only polarizes the different sides to become even less tolerant as their own beliefs become threatened. While this may not be the reality of the situation, it is certainly the perception that people take, and anyone who believes otherwise is ignorant to how society norms works, and just how long it really takes for things to become accepted within any society.

There's a time and place for everything. You can't really force social change, and in the instances where it is forced, it takes decades for them to become commonplace and truly accepted. Just ask those of the Equal rights movement, or the woman's liberation movement how long they've been trying to find equality. Those started before most people on here were even born. I'm sorry, but same-sex marriages, and gay lifestyles have a long way to go before getting to where those movements are today. It's not right, as it should be "treat everyone with respect and as equals", but it is the way things are.

Consider for a moment if Nintendo had included the option for same sex partnerships in this game. Just as many, if not more, people would bring a call to arms than this one group. Just because Nintendo included it, does not mean in any way that those people would be swayed to become accepting of such a life-style. Whether it's right or not, it would only reinforce those people's current beliefs in what is right. We can sit all day and wax poetically how it would be a bold step, and how it will eventually bring about change, but that mantra doesn't match up to the human disposition of today's society.

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XiSasukeUchiha1535d ago

Let the hatred of Nintendo go guys, let's hate EA and their business-minded bull!

Beetey1534d ago

Miiquality? Seriously, this is getting a little ridiculous.

sonic9891534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

are we really living in this world .
is that a news worthy i think the social standards have changed so much in the last 10 years many things became excepted .
the world isnt going to get any better i guess thats not good , i will keep my mind set till the day i die

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