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GTA Online: The High Life Update Coming Next Week Tuesday May 13th

Coming next week on Tuesday May 13th, it's time to expand your foothold in Los Santos with The High Life Update for Grand Theft Auto Online, which features new high-end apartments, multi-property ownership, four new vehicles, the powerful Bullpup Rifle and more. This automatic update to GTA Online adds five new options to the Los Santos real estate market at prime locations like Eclipse Towers, Richards Majestic and others, all featuring the latest new interior design. With multi-property ownership, you'll also now be able to own two distinct properties simultaneously. (Grand Theft Auto Online, Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

XiSasukeUchiha  +   138d ago
Heists!!!! Finally more space for cars.
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Ken85  +   138d ago
Where does it mention heist?
kingfetish17  +   138d ago
Heists aren't part of this update. That'll most likely release in an update next month. Hope R* doesn't charge money for it.

I still want R* to add online billiards, air hockey, bowling, and casino games (hold em poker, blackjack, roulette, etc.) So much more potential to implement these on the map. Don't know why they added arm wrestling & darts as online activities instead of those.
showtimefolks  +   138d ago
by the time GTA5 comes to pc,xbox one and ps4 it will have a complete MP with everything.(i hope the player count is more than 16 for next gen versions)
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   138d ago
Still not going back to multiplayer
crimsonfox  +   138d ago
I was really wondering if you were going back. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
Meltic  +   138d ago
Agree just kids screaming and killing everyone.
brokenbracket  +   133d ago
I mean, you know, because games are made for only adults who instead of screaming sit and ponder about the possibilities of life outside of their homes.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   138d ago
Sold GTA V months ago. The online was a terrible disappointment. Before launch they used Heists as a main feature and 8 months later there still is none?
It could have been so much more. Release it on PC and let the modders at it, then we will see something amazing. those that play or have played SAMP will know what I mean.
Palitera  +   138d ago
What a joke.
LogicStomper  +   138d ago
Calling free content a joke?

What a joke.
Palitera  +   138d ago
I'm calling advertised and still missing content a joke.
thricetold  +   138d ago
Almost a year later and the game is still missing its most hyped feature. I knew they were going to wait until WD was about to release before they got off their arse's.

Glad to hear about the non-contact racing, can't wait to see how these non skilled drivers who like to crash into everyone trying to win react when they no longer can win and have to learn how to really drive lol. That's another feature that should have been there at the start.
ArtificiallyYours  +   138d ago
Multiple properties, sweet. I think this can make up for a lack of heists seeing the vehicular customization is fun. Especially when you can take full advantage of a Route 69 (teehee) FREE bodyshop.
1nsaint  +   138d ago
The free bodyshop is just in singleplayer, the multiple properties are only in multiplayer
ArtificiallyYours  +   138d ago
I know, but this kind of evens things out. At least we should have a sizable vehicle collection instead of just simply having more access in Single Player.

One of the focal issues is content balance between multiplayer and single player.
ZombieKiller  +   138d ago
So because it's not all here all at once it's a bad thing? On the other end of the fence, people bitch about delays.
Did you guys ever stop to think that maybe this was their plan as they see people playing for YEARS after release and they want to keep it fresh? Or maybe they released a GIANT game with alot of different variables that clash and it caused a ton of glitches? I bet these packs had a much better schedule if they didn't spend weeks fixing glitches.
I, for one, am still enjoying this game because they keep adding content. Yes, I am waiting for the heists like everyone else, but I have a full crew with real people I know in real life and even waiting for the damn heists, the game is still fun. There are a ton of things to do in this game past killing people and listening to 9 year olds yet people complain this game is boring. Quit crying.
Psychotica  +   138d ago
Are they still going to add new maps to the game? I know one time they were talking about adding the maps from previous gta's but with updated graphics.
ZombieKiller  +   138d ago
Not that I know of. They did mention that the game might receive some islands or an add-on to the map of some sort but as for adding Liberty and/or Vice City is highly unlikely.Too much content for the systems to handle (maybe on next gen) and I think they're honestly just saving the other cities for future games.
If anything, this game needs more content in things to do. More missions/jobs....The map is huge already.
brokenbracket  +   133d ago
I usually just read the comments on GTA threads on N4G just to laugh. Not to laugh at those who are generally interested in what's going on, but the haters. If you dislike a game so much, why even bother reading anything related to that game? I wasn't a fan of Gran Tourismo 5, but you don't see me blowing up articles about how much I hated the game. Not to mention they come on here and hate about free content. That's like if someone handed me a free soda and I just said no and throw it at them. Or, since Facebook is free, and I'm sitting here saying, "Nope, I hate it, they promised so and so, even though it's free, I hate it."

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