Top 5 Best and Worst Mario Kart Tracks

'With Mario Kart 8 being less than a month away, VGU runs down the top 5 best and worst Mario Kart tracks which have graced the series since the initial game on the Super Nintendo.'

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SpiderMullen1477d ago

I despised Moonview Highway!

kyon1471477d ago

Rainbow road was amazing haha falling off every 10 seconds lol

NightOfBlades1477d ago

Good selection!

I would have included Toad's Turnpike. :)

Moonman1477d ago

There are sooooo many more bests though. Should have done 10 each. SNES Rainbow Road (3DS), DK Jungle (3DS), Airship Fortress (DS), Rock Rock Mountain (3DS) and I love Bowsers Castle (3DS)'s just so many. :)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1476d ago

My Top 5 would be.
Toad Turnpike
Royal Raceway
Mushroom City
Wario Colloseum
DK Mountain

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