Xbox One is languishing behind PS4 – what can Microsoft do to put the Xbox brand back on top?

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"The party, if there was one at all, was shortlived.

News that UK sales of Xbox One had surged 96 per cent in the week of Titanfall’s release, with seven out of every ten consoles sold alongside Respawn’s multiplayer shooter, should have set champagne corks popping in Microsoft’s Redmond HQ. Any suggestion that this was the turning point for Xbox One’s fortunes, however, was quickly shot down by news that UK sales of PS4 had risen by 72 per cent in the same seven-day period. Yet Sony’s boost was not driven by the long-awaited arrival of a platform-exclusive game release – that would come a week later, when Infamous: Second Son saw hardware sales more than double – but by retailers finally having enough stock to meet demand. Sony can’t make its new console fast enough, while Microsoft’s lies readily available on store shelves."

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johndoe112111531d ago

Go back in time and release a year before the ps4.

Majin-vegeta1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Well they tried that last gen.

@George MS released in their 13 strongest territories.But are still being outsold.

georgeenoob1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Why do people think MS's only goal in their sales figures is to solely outsell PS4? I guess that's why they're releasing in Japan, huh? And PS4 is $100 cheaper and available in 72 territories vs X1's 13.

As for the article, this was already answered. AAA exclusives. Phil Spencer stated several times what drives a console's success are exclusives. So come E3 expect a few AAA bombshells.

DVAcme1531d ago


Bigger install base = more games and XBL subscriptions sold.

Simple math.

MysticStrummer1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

@george - Once again… at initial release XB1 was briefly out in more territories than PS4 but was still outsold, and it's already out in it's strongest territories. If MS thought there was significant demand in these other territories they'd be increasing production in preparation for releasing there, not slowing down.

As for MS's goal, outselling PS4 is certainly part of the overall agenda, which is to be the dominant presence in people's living room and/or entertainment areas. Their initial agenda was bigger than that, as seen by the early XB1 policies that met with considerable resistance from the market. Funny how that market share thing isn't quite so important anymore to XB fans, but I guarantee it's still important to MS and they can't be happy with what's going on.

n4rc1531d ago


Doesn't Xbox have both of those?

Kayant1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

"Why do people think MS's only goal in their sales figures is to solely outsell PS4?" - You honestly don't think that's their aim given their leadership in the UK from X360...

"I guess that's why they're releasing in Japan, huh? And PS4 is $100 cheaper and available in 72 territories vs X1's 13" - And these things will not help a lot if MS wants to return to leadership because like MysticStrummer pointed out XB1 was released a week early in the UK and PS4 outsold it by about 1.6x and become the fastest selling console ever here and continues to have a lead -->
In the same regions both are in XB1 is getting outsold in each one maybe expect Brazil so why would you think releasing in more countries mainly European countries that already have a prefer for Sony will make XB1 be on top or catch PS4.....

OT - The problem for MS is that more exclusives will definitely help them boost sales but like with TF, Sony's exclusives could very well cancel/minimise that effect.
One thing they can do is further reduce the price by having a kinectless bundle as it offers something that is requested by quite a large number of people and doesn't hurt XB1's perceived value. As if it was done without kinect it could hurt the XB1's image in value due to having two price cuts such a short amount of time.

Their PR image and the Xbox brand has been damaged quite a bit and that will continue to hurt them although it is/will slowly get better with time. With things like the cloud they need to show a game they benefits from it apart from having scalable dedicated servers or A.I enchantment. It needs to be somewhat real time like they should with they demo at build and like what they have talked about.

ziggurcat1531d ago

@ georgeenoob:

You don't get it. Of the territories that *both* system are selling, PS4 is outselling xbone, so the 72 vs. 13 argument is moot because even if PS4 was *only* in the same 13 territories, it'd still be beating xbone in sales by a fair margin. Therefore, you cannot argue that PS4 is only beating xbone because it's in more territories.

xDHAV0K24x1531d ago

u know how many ppl bought multiple ps4's only to make profit? c'mon! even non gamers bought the system! look at how many are up on ebay!

Aceman181531d ago

3 things Microsoft can do for me if they want me to purchase their console.

1 remove the camera i've no need for it. i'm one of the view ppl who likes to watch their shows live when i can.

2 redesign the system, its to bulky and ugly for me.

3 lower the price, if they got it to around $400 i might think about a purchase.

some bonus stuff

games - give me variety other games the require more of me than just shooting people in the head, neck, or face.

@ george

when will you finally comprehend that M$ release their damn system in their 2 STRONGEST territories and 11 other decent regions, and the damn system is still losing in those areas where it does relatively well.

don't go thinking just because system is about to release in the other regions that the X1 will suddenly catch and pass PS4.

also don't go thinking that the PS4 won't also have AAA bombshells at E3.

man you and the diehard Microsoft cohorts need a reality check.

Pogmathoin1531d ago

This is important fanboys..... Rally your troops and meet here at 9:30 tonight.

GameNameFame1531d ago

George whats you with your desperate defense tatics?

I mean X1 cant beat PS4 on graphics and hardware power,so people talk about sales which X1 is losing.

tommygunzII1530d ago

It all comes down to games and MS hasn't had them in years. How many of you still play Titanfall everyday?
PS owners know they will be buried in exclusives sooner than later, MS doesn't have this luxury at the moment.

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wardestroyr1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Use the power of the cloud to regain 1st place.

No, but seriously, to even attempt to gain marketshare from PS4, Xbox One must:

- Drop Kinect.
- Drop Price.
- Stellar E3.
- Strengthen 1st Party.
- New IP.
- Fire Major Nelson, Penello, Medhi
- Fire PR agency for Xbox

combatcash1531d ago

Price drop and a good line up will help xbox increase sales, but not surpass the ps4. I feel like sony has delivered on almost every aspect that is important to consumers. I'm sure being number one is important to MS but they will still find success this gen.

wardestroyr1531d ago


I agree.

It will take nothing short of a PSN 2.0 hack to derail momentum for PS4.

Like I stated above, there really needs to be a cleanout at Microsoft game division.

Phil will do great, but almost all of the other figureheads need to be replaced immediately.

Major Nelson
Yusef Medhi
Phil Harrison
Albert Penello

Mark Whitten and Don Mattrick leaving were the start of rejuvenation for Xbox.

Now get rid of the toxic team and let Phil bring Xbox back to fighting form.

Joe9131531d ago

I think your first two is all that is needed drop the price and you will have ppl buying it just because it is $100 cheaper than what it was but I think the big thing is to get rid of kinect not sure about anyone else but the ppl I know that was big Xbox 360 players went with the PS4 simply because they did not want the kinect to always be on watching them Snowden saying that MS works with the NSA to spy on ppl did not help it at all I feel they were being a bit to paranoid but they all went with PS4 and by all I mean the 4 or 5 friends that were big Xbox players and yet they did not know each other but all had the same reason for not wanting a Xbox one.

zeuanimals1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

It does say "Xbox brand", so it's very possible that they could claw back at Sony and get to a favorable position for the next-gen. They'd better be working on it though since Sony's most likely already working on next-gen.

They could get to a favorable position this generation, but they're gonna need some heavy hitting games for the US/UK, and I don't think Halo is that heavy hitter anymore. The userbase just completely fell off with the last few games, especially Halo 4, I can't see too many people being excited about Halo 5 enough to purchase the system. Bring some new things, push the system in its later years, and I'm sure people will bite.

MS might also have to drop a lot of their Gold requirements for things and they need to increase the value of it. A lot of people don't want to subscribe to both PS+ and XBLG, and many subscribe to PS+ now because of its value. It's just hard to justify paying for two subscriptions when both allow the same things except one gives you a ton of value. MS is gonna have to compete with PS+ with GWG and whatnot since XBLG was one of the main money makers of the Xbox brand.

Eonjay1531d ago

Halo is still a heavy hitter. They just need more consoles to address. Lower the price people. How far are they gonna insist on Kinect

zeuanimals1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

It's a heavy hitter since it sells a lot, but the userbase just completely falls off with every game. A few months after Halo 4 released, it would take a few minutes to find a small game. Halo 3 was the last game to have a userbase that stuck around for a number of years. Bring back what made Halo 3 great and people might stick around and be re-enamored with the series.

That doesn't mean they can't innovate, just get rid of custom classes or balance the custom class weapons better, get rid of ordinance drops and bring back weapon pickups from designated areas on the map, and bring back things like rankings based on how well you play rather than XP. Halo was great when it was simple, balanced, and really competitive.

Also, keep sprint in the game as a non-armor ability or just up the regular movement speed, doesn't matter to me, I just want to run faster in Halo.

And yeah, price drops and either getting rid of Kinect or dropping the price to the point that Kinect doesn't feel like it's adding to the costs and more people will buy it, but not enough if MS doesn't have a few serious heavy hitters. As you say, Halo is still one, and I hope it is. I don't want to play alone a few months after its release.

JsonHenry1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Their winning strategy should be working with companies like Timewarner, Comcast, and DirecTV to let them sell (discounted with a contract) the X1 as the cable box/reciever to force them into everyone's home.

Also- the PS4 is trouncing the X1 in terms of games being announced/released. The X1 REALLY needs some games if they can't find another way to get the system into people's homes.

johndoe112111531d ago

Why would they do that? The xone is not a cable box. It needs a cable box for anyone of its TV features to work. Why would they encourage people to spend money on a cable box and a switch box for the cable box when the cable doesn't need it.

JsonHenry1531d ago

Why? I can think of several reasons they could sell it that way. It CAN control your television as well as other media services (not alone of course) but it can do it with voice, add PiP to TV's without it, and many other uses (not related to gaming) that makes it something any marketing pitch could sell to the average consumer. Hey, sign a 2 year contract and for only a few extra bucks a month you can have an X1 that does all of these things plus built in fantasy football support, gaming, streaming services, blah blah blah.

I'm sure you can see what I am going for here. The average consumer even slightly interested would jump on it if the price was subsidized and someone came to your home and set it up for you like all cable companies do.

kneon1531d ago


But there are already cable boxes with voice control and PIP as well as additional features not available on the XB1. For someone that just wants to watch TV the Xb1 offers little value over a new setop box.

And HDMI-cec allows all your devices to work together, no need for IR repeaters. I have it set up such that if I turn on my ps3 or ps4 the tv will automatically turn on and switch to the correct input and the the AV receiver will automatically turn on. Or if I already have the TV on then switching inputs will automatically turn on whats needed and set everything to the correct inputs and outputs.

WilDRangeRrfc1530d ago

I have both PS4 is being killed by Xbox at the moment AAA wise what planet are you on???

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XiSasukeUchiha1531d ago


Go back in time and not have that terrible E3 presentation!

creatchee1531d ago

The E3 presentation was great and showed off plenty of games. You're thinking of the initial reveal, which was focused on the media side of things.

xDHAV0K24x1531d ago

terrible? they hit us with the games! we wanted games and they delivered! ur saying it was terrible all in hindsight. the ps4's price tag could have been $5 less and u would still say this same bs. they had a good E3 last yr

Magicite1531d ago

No, that wont help, but they can buy Playstation if they are really desperate (of course that will not happen).

incredibleMULK1531d ago


Throw all the Xbox ones in a giant meat grinder and then sprinkle the scraps on a crate of ps4s.

CryofSilence1531d ago

Was Microsoft ever on top? During the Xbox era, the PS2 was on top. During the 360 gen, the Wii was on top (and was eventually surpassed by PS3). That said, Microsoft has been doing well salewise for last and this generation.

xDHAV0K24x1531d ago

yeah but it's pretty easy to surpass your competition when you release a yr later with a built in blu ray player and have a wireless feature. Also when you're forced to make your online network free. smart move and it worked for them. Can't forget the over 100 million ppl living in your home country where they don't care for American products =)

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OrangePowerz1531d ago

Back on top? That would require them ti be on top in the first place.

Wikkid6661531d ago

Read the article. It's the UK.... The 360 was #1 there last gen.

Negative771531d ago

lol don't feed the trolls

OrangePowerz1531d ago

For a very short time, for most of last gen the Wii was number one in the UK after the Wii support was abandoned.

choujij1531d ago

Just a clarification to all, last gen is concluding with the Wii still having the largest worldwide install base, followed by the PS3 in second, and the Xbox 360 in third.

And let us not forget, many of us who purchased the Xbox 360 (such as myself), bought multiple units due to the 3RRoD epidemic, which I'm quite sure inflated the Xbox 360 install base numbers much higher than the typical failure rate of it's competitor's consoles.

Fireseed1531d ago

Realize that you don't have to be the #1 most sold console to be successful, and understand that those who did buy your console are having a thoroughly good time.

Clown_Syndr0me1531d ago

Well said, this generation all gamers talk about is sales. As if statistics are more fun than gaming now.

dodgemoose1531d ago

Most gamers aren't squabbling over sales, they're playing games. ^_^

Irishguy951531d ago

Thats because PS4 is on top this time whereas Xbox was on top for 7 of the 8 years of last gen.

Negative771531d ago

Seriously. Missing the days of NES and early PC when gamers cared more about the games, not how much of them were sold. Sheep....

johndoe112111531d ago

I guarantee you last generation all 360 supporters talked about was sales because statistics were more fun than gaming then apparently.

raptorjacob1531d ago

Really!? What about sega and Nintendo rivalry?

Fireseed1531d ago


Really? Cause I can already call you on that as BS cause console sales meant just as much to me back then as they do now...

BlackTar1871531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Seriously Irish Guy.

ALl XBox fans did last gen was either talk about sales sales sales or a shadow missing on a multiplat = ZOMG SUPERIOR HUGE DIFFERENCE.

It's kinda funny to see them now downplay there very two things the paraded last gen. Kinda funny means annoying and shortsighted.

Firesee i must have missed the part where you are the majority on this site or the majority of anything related to a console fanbase.

To deny this is just being ignorant. if you were to run a search on this site not even others for the last 7 years you would get 2 things 17 website proclaiming a missing shadow or grass made the 360 version ZOMG better and you would get Exclusives don't matter much since Multi Plats sell the most and OMG such and such PS3 game is a bust cause it didn't sell x # of game.

I won't proclaim this as fact but i will say i can with 100% confidence feel comfortable in my accusations.

MysticStrummer1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

@Fireseed - Whether you participated or not, anyone who has looked at N4G through these last two generations knows that sales were a really fun topic for 360 fans most of last gen. Now, not so much. The reverse is true for PS fans, and in the future if things flip again those arguments will flip again too.

The PS3/360 generation was when sales became a bragging point, and it was 360 fans leading that charge, on N4G anyway*, until it became obvious that 360's journey from 1st to 3rd was nearing it's end. Now sales and market share suddenly don't matter much to XB fans, though I guarantee they still matter greatly to MS.

* I don't claim to know how it is on other sites because I don't look at comments elsewhere. I'll read articles from other places, but I don't look at community reaction anywhere but here. That was true back when N4G was much more XB friendly and it's still true today.

@raptor - Even that rivalry was more about the games than sales. It was about which version of (Game X) was better, not which sold more or which console sold more.

Clown_Syndr0me1531d ago

@JohnDoe11211 Really? I was primarily an Xbox gamer last gen and I don't think zi ever once even knew the sale statistics as they don't bother me.
For all I knew Ouya outsold everything!

scott1821531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

The Xbox being on top sales wise was a very popular thing to brag about last gen. Sales were a big deal, but for some reason it's not a big deal anymore, strange how that works.


Exactly! It's funny how tiny the differences in multiplats were last gen, but blown way out of proportion by many. Now the differences are larger but favor the PS4 sooo conveniently nobody can see a difference anymore. Odd.

ThanatosDMC1531d ago


So true. Back then it's all about comparing multiplats' AA, shadows, pixels, etc. Now, all of that doesnt matter anymore. All about gameplay now.

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iamnsuperman1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

No but you need a big market share otherwise the venture is pointless (especially for a big company like Microsoft). If you don't control the market then it is very difficult and risky to become successful. They have messed up by loosing a big market share chunk in the US (though they still have a good share) but they haven't gained ground any where else. At this moment in time they are not in a position to control or potentially the market (look what happened with the 360 and PS3 in the US for an example of that. The PS3 never recovered in the US)

Fireseed1531d ago

No you don't. Dreamcast didn't have a big market share... but there is a reason why it's still plugged into my TV and I play it almost daily, the games were good. regardless of "market share" MS is still gonna put out Halo, Gears, and for me personally more KI content. And that's why years down the road I'll still plug in my X1... to play the games I enjoyed on it.

iamnsuperman1531d ago


Really your the example of a console that contributed to the crippling of Sega and your own personally attitude to a situation that is clearly business (talking about success). The Dreamcast wasn't a success.

PaperMan1531d ago

You're right. One console selling more than another doesn't mean more profit for that company. Plus software brings in a lot of revenue so whichever company shifts a lot of games will do well.

Mexxan1531d ago

Release some exclusive AND current Gen titles that actually show what it can do.

Mine is gathering dust right now.

WeAreLegion1531d ago

Buy some Pledge, ya dingus!

Mexxan1528d ago

Are you serious? If your saying it has an abundance of massively impressive games you need to buy a little less crack or at least stop smoking the cheese off your bell end.

WeAreLegion1528d ago

...what? What do you mean? I was just making a joke because you said it was gathering dust.

TRD4L1fe1531d ago

Mine has been on every single day since day 1. Whats the point of purchasing one if you arent going to buy the games for it?

dodgemoose1531d ago

£45-50 per game, there's a reason.

Mexxan1528d ago

I bet your scratching your head wondering about those disagree's...

Whitey2k1531d ago

Or better yet stay in 2nd place keep bringing games cos there's noway they get First not with there hardware maybe next generation they will build better hardware

ats19921531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

"Maybe next generation they will build better hardware" Name one console generation where the strongest console won.

Angels37851531d ago

PS3 vs 360

In the end ps3 sold more and had stellar first parties

ats19921531d ago

@ Angels3785 umm you forgot the wii which sold more than the xbox 360 and ps3 plus it was the weakest console.

MasterCornholio1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

There's a first time for everything.


Looks like the PS4 will be the first to do it.

Its way ahead of the Wii U and its install base almost doubles the Xbox One. The console isn't even a year old and given the sales history of PlayStation it will continue to sell well and remain ahead of the competition.

ShwankyShpanky1531d ago

Name one generation that an Xbox won.

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