VGChartz Global Hardware Totals - Week Ending 4/26/2014

PS4: 7.4 million
Xbox One: 4.4 million
Wii U: 6.1 million
3DS: 44.3 million
PS Vita: 8.1 million

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Moonman1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

When one of them has 3DS numbers, call me. Until then, enjoy the games you love on the systems people. :)

aceitman1445d ago

@moonman , u compare 250$-500$ system to a system that has 2 models and a price tag 180$ and launched 3 1/2 years ago . as of right now the 1st 6 months in ps4 compared to the 1st 3ds 6 month period is beating the 3ds sales by 2.8 million . and has been beating the 3ds in the charts since launch with a couple flip flops between the 2. so just keep ur number unlisted and I will enjoy my games on all systems but 1.

pedrof931444d ago

Ps4 may get a small boost the in next months, MLB the show and TLOU. For the exclusive part of course.

Moonman1444d ago

I am not comparing anything but install base and raw numbers. My point was to play games not sales but on N4G you gotta be crazy to say that. I don't care how fast or slow PS4, Xbox, Wii U, Sckeo, Neo, DD get

aceitman1444d ago

@moonman and I am comparing raw numbers and install base , but u say u don't care how fast or slow , but u sure threw in those 3ds numbers like it was tnt and going to blow up in front of the other consoles face. but it did nothing but blow up in ur face dis-connecting ur number for good. and if it was ur point to play games it was easy to just say that and not throw 3ds numbers in peoples face. so enjoy ur games and ill enjoy all of mine . think before u post plz.

Moonman1444d ago

I only said 3DS because those were the highest numbers you fanboy. That is obvious! What else is even close? If it were dreamcast at 44 million I would have said that. And if you have anything else smart to say well....

Magicite1444d ago

i would tag this article as rumor

Geobros1445d ago

Its clear that every year total console sales are worse and worse. I suppose more and more tablets are being sold every year...

AGaryColemanClone1445d ago

No its not clear.

The PS4 is the fastest selling console in the history of the console market.

Geobros1445d ago

This says nothing to me. Nowdays, the system of pre-orders its better organized and companies know how many consoles will say before the release day.

morganfell1444d ago

Its also clear that vgchartz numbers are more off the traget with every made up article.

Farsendor11444d ago

people use tablets for other reason than to game, i dont know anyone that uses their tablets as just a gaming device.

JMyers1444d ago

Actually consoles are selling more year on year and month on month.

At this stage in the life cycle, every console (except the Wii U) is selling more than its predecessor. This is across borders, and with less tripple A games.

brish1444d ago

Where do you get your numbers from?

JMyers1444d ago

@ brish...

This is just one such article of many on hardware and software sales. I know these are launvh numbers, but this trend continues in sales for XB1 and PS4.

brish1444d ago


Thanks for the link.

I found this on vgchartz (i know vgchartz are estimates but i don't think they are off by that much):

PS4 had an amazing launch! It appears that consoles sales peaked in 2011 if you don't include handhelds according to vgchartz.

gary_m1444d ago

"Actually consoles are selling more year on year and month on month."

That simply isn't true.

The Xbox One is selling at a significantly worse
rate than the Xbox 360 at the six month mark.

Wh15ky1443d ago

@ Gary M

Pretty sure you're wrong, where did you hear that?

JMyers1443d ago

@ Gary M

This actually is indeed true. Both the PS4 and Xbox One are outpacing their previous launch sales and month for month. Note that the links below were as of Feb.


Xbox 1

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DigitalAnalog1444d ago

@Geobros. What's your point? You're not gonna experience the upcoming games on the tablets.

eferreira1444d ago

back in the day a system would only sell 22 mil in it's lifetime. Sales are increasing every year. You have no idea what your talking about.

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XiSasukeUchiha1445d ago

Oh I can't wait till it is reach 7.5 million! from PS4

AGaryColemanClone1445d ago

Of course you can't wait for the PS4 to reach 7.5 million.

The PS4 already 7.8 to 7.9 million right now.

plasticidolatry1444d ago

Sony will probably announce 8 million sold while VGChartz has it at 7.6-7.7 million.

They've been undertracking PS4 by about 100-200k since launch, now they're undertracking it even more.

ArchangelMike1445d ago

PS4 6 months at market = 7.4 million!
PS4 12 months at market = 14 million?

osai7891445d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if the PS4 reached 20 million by the end of 2014.

Spontogical1444d ago

indeed... also the last 3 months of a system's YTD sales account for over 66%!

PS4 will be nothing short of 15 million come Jan 1st '15.

DefenderOfDoom21444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

this article was posted twice to N4G??? edit / okay this post has the WILLIAM D ANGELO breakdown which i read yesterday at our sister site VGChartz ,

LightDiego1444d ago

These numbers will change when Xbox One arrives in China.

MasterCornholio1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

The number will always change because the systems will sell.

What are you trying to say by when it comes to China?

Are you suggesting that the Xbox One will sell so much in China that it will end up outselling the PS4 right?

Because if you are then prepare to be dissapointed.

KinjoTakemura1444d ago

There are reasons Sony isn't in the Chinese market legally. The top reason is piracy.

MysticStrummer1444d ago

It's already in China, just not legally.

joeorc1443d ago

Sony launched in Asia already , for instance Hong Kong! Officially /grin

Predaking771444d ago

Must be sad to live just on hopes, magic beans and secret sauces.

kenshiro1001444d ago

...Are you serious?

When it arrives in China?!


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