10 Reasons The Next Console Generation Is A Huge Disappointment

WC - The next (or now, current) generation of gaming began in November 2012 with the release of Nintendo’s Wii U, though for most gamers it didn’t properly kick off until the Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 hit shelves in November of last year.

In the build up to each release and ever since, consumers have had all three companies trying to woo them with an array of apparently innovative features and promising new video games. 6 months on from all three consoles being available, though, have the Big Three really delivered all that much?

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ArchangelMike1534d ago

Well the generation has only really just begun to pick up momentum. We won't be seeing the first batch of true next-gen games until the end of the year. It's very pre-mature to be calling it out as a disappointment... especially given that E3 is just around the corner.

E3 will is a window into what this gen has to offer in the next 12 months. Then you will be in a better position to say if the first 12 months of this gen are shaping up to be a disappointment or not.

even then, you'd really have to wait for the full 6-7 year cycle before you can be in a position to pass judgement. I mean, look how last gen turned out!

1534d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman1534d ago

The launches of all three haven't exactly wow'd me, but as with every gen previous to this, they usually rise up out of mediocrity after their second year.
In rare cases, it only took them their first year to do it, for me.

I look more at gameplay and controller options than I do graphics, though, when picking a console, with price point being a close second because I'm not exactly well off.XD

The PS4 will likely be my next buy, once the price has gone down a bit or my paychecks have risen, whichever comes first.

sdozzo1534d ago

Because I have to play Dark Souls 2 on PC.

n4rc1534d ago

I would have said so too...

Until I fired up the 360 the other day... Played borderlands 2 for 5 minutes and shut it off.. Lol

When I fired up my x1.. It didn't seem like a big difference.. But after 6 months its like night and day..

I'm happy but still find myself waiting on games..

BX811534d ago

Lol same here. The dashboard on the 360 looked so drab and the controller felt so bulky. After month 1 on the xb1 I haven't looked back. It's a great console. I have a feeling e3 is going to persuade some of the gamers that went to Sony because of ms early policies, to come back and get an xb1. Honestly I think this gen if gamers don't own both then they're going to miss out on some solid gaming experiences.

1534d ago
n4rc1534d ago


The controller really felt weird.. Very bulky but I didn't seem to notice much difference when I first got the x1.. Funny how that works

I've never been one to go back and play an older system.. Only did because I have a dlc pack for bl2 I didn't finish.. Yet for a game I loved playing only 6 months ago, I'll never play it again, I can't lol

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