MLB 14: The Show Graphics Comparison (PS4 vs. PS3)

IGN - Curious to see how the PS4 version of Sony's stellar baseball sim compares to the PS3 version?

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XiSasukeUchiha1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Naruto you hit the ball on that one, BTW off topic read Naruto manga 675 The current dream. Find out some crazy stuff.

mikeslemonade1532d ago

Yes it's better. Impressive for only a port.

But baseball is lame next story. NBA and NFL are better sports.

psplova1532d ago

Terrible comparison IMO. I could have done better I think... : /

theXtReMe11532d ago

So basically what this video shows is no matter which system you buy it for, it looks incredible. I'm really enjoying the game on my PS4. This is the best baseball game I've played in 20 years, easily. This is my first year with The Show and I'm sorry I didn't buy a PS3 to play it last generation. This game does what very few baseball games before it has, makes it fun to play video game baseball. I love the road to the show. It was just icing on top of the cake that Sony gave digital buyers five dollars credit and 6000 stubs for their wait.

I just cant imagine what they will have in store for us next year, considering how good this game already is.

psplova1532d ago

^Agreed. I dabbled with my son's VITA version 2 years ago and a PSP version a couple years before that, but I really haven't been able to appreciate The Show anywhere near the amount I am currently, until now. It's really an awesome experience so far. Very impressed with just about everything, except the hair. ...the hair needs work...

Th3o1532d ago

I'm shocked how well the ps3 keeps up though, it's not quite Ps2 vs ps3 difference we've seen over the least not yet:)

Abromb1532d ago

To be honest, I doubt we will see such a gap in graphics between generations as we did with the ps2--->ps3 In the future again.

nevin11532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I disagree at least in regards to The Show 14. But assuming they do build from scratch on the PS4, the player models should look like human beings.

The reason for this is because baseball is actually a stiff sport and the main 2 players are pretty much pitcher VS batter. That's why the Show for PS3 consist of the best looking player models during the PS3/360 era.

mkis0071532d ago

IDK I kinda consider this generation to be a "tock" (intel lingo) it has its own jumps... but i also think we will see some crazy amazing games.

ILive1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Actually, we will. Sony and some xbox exclusives, including some third party games really proved what a huge leap there was between the ps2 and ps3 and xbox and 360. Games like I feel like unchared 4, though I havent seen it, and 1886 will make the leap transparent early on.

choujij1532d ago

It's diminishing returns. Also, the PS3 was quite powerful for it's time.

Th3o1532d ago

So was the ps2 though.

HappyWithOneBubble1532d ago

Both look great. Not much of a huge leap in graphics. PS4 version just have better textures and shadows. It will get better down the years

psplova1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

^and lighting/sound/animations. ..and crowd, grass (lol) and stadiums...

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