Mario Kart 8 Preview - Multiplayer Mayhem | TSA

TSA writes: "When I close my eyes, I see a rainbow road; every noise I hear transforms itself into the backing music of Thwomp Ruins; my fingers ache from holding the GamePad. I’ve played more Mario Kart 8 than I’m willing to admit over the weekend, barely touching the single player and instead focusing on the multiplayer. Glorious, hilarious and joyous local multiplayer, in an age where developers are far too eager to move to online only."

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Moonman1448d ago

"We’re not going to be too specific about the tracks and features here – we’ll save all of that for a review next week – but just know that Mario Kart 8, as a multiplayer experience, is one of the purest and most fun things you’ll find in gaming. Many developers appear to believe that local multiplayer is dead, but that’s not true – they’re just not ready to take on Nintendo."

Nuff said. :)

Dchops1448d ago

Yes! Local multiplayer will always beat online if you ask me. Sadly, as my friends and I are getting older it is much harder to organize such get-togethers with so many other responsibilities to handle. However, games like Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros will have to take priority =P

Nevers0ft1448d ago

You're not trying hard enough ;)

I'm 40 years old and am throwing a "Super Mario Karty Party" on the 30th... So far I have about 10 people coming - many more and I might have to try and borrow a 2nd Wii U or I'll have a riot on my hands :D

Ol_Boy1448d ago

This will definitely be my favorite racing game for a long while.

SonyKong641448d ago

give me block fort from 64 or equivalent and I'll be set for a decade.

there's absolutely nothing i miss more then n64 block fort tourneys from my youth that would carry on into the wee hours of the morning. that and Goldeneye solidified my adolescence = )