Mark Cerny To Receive "Development Legend" Award

Mark Cerny, the man behind many games we played and loved in the early days of PlayStation including Crash Bandicoot, and Ratchet & Clank, is going to be awarded the "Development Legend" award. He is set to receive this award in person on July 9 at the Develop Industry Excellence Awards in Brighton.

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johndoe112111503d ago

Can't think of another dev that deserves it more. Congrats Mr Cerney

Christopher1503d ago

My problem is that he and others like him deserve this recognition from the work they did before this generation. But, the only reason he's getting it now is because he's been the face of the PS4 hardware this generation. If he wasn't the face of the PS4 hardware, he would get overlooked yet again.

Ron_Danger1503d ago

Although what you said is true, it's also basically a lifetime achievement award, so it encompasses his whole career. He would've gotten this type of award at some point anyway (probably) but his architectural work on the PS4 was icing on the cake.

johndoe112111503d ago

Maybe, maybe not, however I would tend to agree with you in this case more than disagree. It is sad but that's just how it goes sometimes i guess.

I don't think it's something to be annoyed about in this case though. Because of how he handled the development and design of the ps4 and seeing what the end result was i think it caused a lot of people to stand up and take notice, people who wouldn't of before.

There are more devs out there that also deserve this honor but mark was just lucky enough to have the ps4 be the boost that was needed to get people to take note of all his past achievements and major contributions to the industry.

Thantalas1503d ago

Mark Cerny absolutely deserves to receive the Development Legend award. He's made some excellent games and advised other development teams. He was given the PlayStation 4 project and took his time to research the pros and cons of staying with a custom chipset or switching. He baked in streaming into the hardware so it doesn't impact performance and he selected the chipsets so they could deliver better quality graphics at a higher resolution. His decisions have been pivotal in helping develops adopt the PS4 hardware and become familiar with it. Above all he designed the PlayStation 4 so that is a console first, not a 'media machine', not a 'TV box' not 'an experiences player', but a games console. This has been a major factor in the hardcore responding to it so favourably.

Mark Cerny, I salute you.

ThatEnglishDude1503d ago

"But, the only reason he's getting it now is because he's been the face of the PS4 hardware this generation."

Isn't that enough for you?

Christopher1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

@ThatEnglishDude: Not sure if you understood what I wrote. But, I think he deserves it for his work before the PS4. But, the only reason he's getting it now is because of the PS4. So, I mean to say that he deserved it a long time ago, as have many others, but they are giving it to him now solely because of how much he has been in the eye of the public.

So, no, it's not enough that he's been the face of the PS4. To be honest, if that was all it was based on, it would be the worst decision for this award to begin with. But, it's enough that he shouldn't have been the face of the PS4 to get it. Cerney is a true genius and one of the great minds behind gaming. Like so many others we've never heard about or talk about. Until they become the face of some new product.

Cloudyday711503d ago

@cgoodno. As a fellow XB one fan I 100% agree with you Marky Cerny totally doesn't deserve it, but he is just getting it because of the PS4/Sony hype.

Mark Whitten formerly of Microsoft should have got it. Its fashionable to criticize Microsoft but Whitten made a console for the future that might not have as high a frame rate as the PS4, but is certainly better designed for the future. He didn't just make a games console like Sony or Nintendo (i'm not criticizing) but he made it into an integrated entertainment hub. It has TV features so you can play games and watch TV and that is something unique that no other manufacturer has delivered.

Also Phil Spencer and Don Mattrick should also get credit because they are the team behind the 24hour DRM policy. Yes it was silly to have to check in regularly, but the benefit would have meant you could buy disc games and still get full download rights. This is the technology I hope Spencer will bring back at E3 and give 5 person game sharing.

Christopher1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

***@cgoodno. As a fellow XB one fan I 100% agree with you Marky Cerny totally doesn't deserve it, but he is just getting it because of the PS4/Sony hype. ***

Umm... I didn't say that. I think he does deserve it. But, I think the _ONLY_ reason he's getting it is because of the spotlight he was put in as the face of the PS4. If he hadn't been in the spotlight because of the PS4, he would have gone overlooked once again.

Am I the only one speaking English here or something?

@hiredhelp below: So true. And, I'm sure Cerny will mention the people that helped him to get to where he is.

hiredhelp1503d ago

I agree cgoodno, Fact is when comes to awards Should be a team thing.
After all takes more than 1 guy or girl to create a master pieace in the gaming world of any gen.

Majin-vegeta1503d ago

@Cloudy day

*Facepalm* I think you need to touch up on your reading skills again.

He said Cerny should have gotten this years before.Not now that he is the main face behind the PS4.

Eonjay1503d ago


lol you made me laugh. Apparently English is a language with a very selective interpretation.

Imalwaysright1503d ago


In what games was Mark Whitten involved again? Also, Phil Spencer and Don Mattrick for "tech" that isn't even present on the X1? Tech that would take our most basic right as consumers? Ownership and full control of the things we buy with our hard earned money? Not sure if serious!!

MightyNoX1503d ago

I know what you mean, it's like an actor receiving recognition after putting in so much better work before.

Still, better late than never, no?

Also, congrats Mr. Cerny.

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Ron_Danger1503d ago

He's been so instrumental to the success of so many popular franchises. He was the first dev on PS1 to incorporate the graphical technique of scaling how many polygons an object had based on how far away they were to the player (which is why the first Spyro game had such huge detailed worlds compaired to other similar games at the time.).

Knack might have caught a lot of flack from the press and people who never played it, but it did some things graphically that are amazing. For example: (spoiler) the final boss fight when you are huge and made up of thousands of parts and you get hit and every piece flys off you and the lighting and physics are near perfect.

Aceman181503d ago

well deserved for Mr Cerny indeed.

Majin-vegeta1503d ago

Well done Mr.Cerny you deserve it.

stuna11503d ago

In my opinion he deserve it! His actions have also had a impact on the industry itself, by lowering developmental cost, time and resources.

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