New Minecraft PS4 details: World Size Not Infinite, DualShock 4 Touchpad For Navigating Creative UI

4J Studios has just revealed some new details regarding Playstation 4 version of Minecraft. The details are regarding world size which will not be "infinite" due to save size limit and how DualShock 4 controller touchpad will be used.

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TimeSkipLuffy993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

Will it be infinite for the X1? The article says it won't be for both systems, so why is especially the PS4 version listed in the short description?

"4J Studios confirmed that Minecraft PS4/Xbox One world size is not "Infinite" due to save size limits but added that its lot bigger than PS3 and Xbox 360. Here is what the tweet reads:"

sam_job993d ago

not it won't be infinite on Xbox One and PS4, but will be bigger than PS3/Xbox 360

XiSasukeUchiha992d ago

Yep Bigger but not Infinite people

WeAreLegion993d ago

Bigger worlds. That's the only difference between last gen and current gen.

Hoping for cross-buy, but I seriously doubt it.

M83_992d ago

If it was cross buy I'd get it in a shot for the PS3 and get going, knowing it'd transfer over to my PS4.

I'm holding off because it's probably not going to be the case, which is sort of scummy considering flower was cross buy if you already had it, I believe.

WeAreLegion992d ago

You can transfer the PS3 saves to the PS4 version. Still hoping for cross-buy though. :/

M83_992d ago (Edited 992d ago )

I know that, but I could not be arsed buying two versions of the same game when they're gonna be so similar, if you get me.

Patients is a virtue, so I guess it's best to wait out the last few months :)

GamingTruth992d ago

youd have to be a crackhead to believe that

Lowsnamebrand993d ago

Nice now how about a release date and hopefully some cross buy so I can take my worlds with me on the go on my vita

LordMaim993d ago

In reality, why would a world need to be infinite? By the very definition, you will never see all of it.

JakemanPS31994993d ago

Agreed! Though i would like a bigger world than the ps3/360 version its not too bad now. If the Vita version is as big as the PS3 than i will be happy :D

LordMaim992d ago

I haven't seen the console version yet. Is it really that small?

JakemanPS31994992d ago

@Lord Maim
I dont think so.. lot bigger than the PE version thats for sure. Some people say its noticeable but i guess im not as ambitious in what create than lol Its big enough that you could create Liberty city or Red dead's world in it imo

user5669510992d ago

In realty why this game world isnt infinite. Seems dumb since one of minecraft selling since it been create was a infinite world

LordMaim992d ago

Can you prove that its infinite? Careful... that's a trick question.

JakemanPS31994993d ago

I'm more excited for the Vita version anyway. Would love to be able to transfer my worlds back and forth though.

A good way for sony to sell Vita's; Make a Special Minecraft designed vita bundle with a digital code of the game and 3 months of plus for $180. They would sell a few of those :P

Lowsnamebrand993d ago

A vita ps4 bundle will do amazingly well, start showing off remote play, IMO the biggest next gen feature thus far

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