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Blastoise1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Would have been nice to see a bit of gameplay. It's gonna sell like hotcakes

Ronin_GTChin1350d ago

I'm just excited to hear an announcement! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!

Outside_ofthe_Box1350d ago

This is great news. I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority here, but ruby/sapphire/emerald is my favorite out of all the games. If this is a full 3D remake of the game then I definitely can't wait.

MightyNoX1350d ago

@outside: no, you're not alone. Ruby is favorite Pokemon game. :)

Magicite1350d ago

And people say COD is being milked.
I guess they are starting to run out of the names aswell.

Summons751350d ago

1 it's a remake like Fire Red, Soul Silver REMAKES

2 COD doesn't change while Pokemon has massive changes to the core gameplay every new generation completely changing the way battles happen.

Apples/oranges bud, try hard next time.

Panthers1350d ago

Listen I enjoy pokemon as much as the next gamer, but changes to the core gameplay??? No.

It is the same formula it has always been since Red/Blue. Just like COD has been the same since COD4. It works. It sells. No need to change I guess.

3-4-51350d ago

Cod doesn't really add any new guns, at least Pokemon gives you new Pokemon to use.

I also wasn't aware there was a NEW POKEMON game releasing yearly?

nope1111350d ago

Yeah didn't we just get X and Y? don't tell me Nintendo is going to annualize the series....

GeckoPutt1350d ago


The series has been almost yearly since Red/Blue were first released. Going off of U.S. releases...

R/B - 1998
Y - 1999
G/S - 2000
C - 2001
Ru/Sa - 2003
FR/LG - 2004
E - 2005
D/P - 2007
Pt - 2009
HG/SS - 2010
B/W - 2011
B2/W2 - 2012
X/Y - 2013
OR/AS - 2014

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XiSasukeUchiha1350d ago

Pretty cool, now make an 3D remake of Dimand and Pearl I'm in.

thehobbyist1350d ago

Lol Diamond and Pearl was 3D. Even if it was flat 3D

princejb1341350d ago

I'm buying this more mega evolutions please=]

fr0sty1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

What's with the gem names and dual versions? I've never done the Pokemon thing before, so it's a bit alien to me.

JunoDivided1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

The name is saying what gen it is (Blue/Red being first ect.) This is a hd/3d remake of Ruby and Sapphire from about 10 years ago. The reason for dual versions is to give you a unique experience on both while changing nothing to the core gameplay the only difference between them is different pokemon and story. So if you enjoy one and really want to keep playing while not replaying the same one you can get the other version

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Beetey1350d ago

I'm a little confused. "Explore a dramatic new world?" Does this mean it doesn't take place in Hoenn? Maybe there will be an additional continent?

delicia1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Probably just 3D version of Hoenn - new as in "built from scratch".

Beetey1350d ago

That's kind of what I'm assuming, but the wording still seems strange for a remake.

ABizzel11350d ago


Probably remake of Hoenn in 3D, and you can fight the gym leaders in a completely different order, because you may start the game as a brand new character in a different city on the map, like Black & White -> B2 & W2.

I'm guessing we'll get more Mega Evolutions (Hoenn starters, some hoenn originals, and legendaries), new abilities (Regi's / Slaking), a new story, and some new features.

So it'll be the same concept (Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire), but with a lot of new content.

-Foxtrot1350d ago

Oh man this is great but why don't they just remake Pokemon Crystal so everything is included. I never understood why they didn't do that with Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green or Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

Anyway I hope Pokemon Z is still coming in the future.

matgrowcott1350d ago

It's so they can carry of the series of tradition of selling two sets of the same game with only minor differences. Remaking the 'ultimate' version wouldn't allow them to do that.

-Foxtrot1350d ago

But we've already had this game before

I totally understand if it's a new game but why do it to a remake we've already played before. The best thing to do is remake the ultimate version and give us everything included.

matgrowcott1350d ago


Why do it in the first place? Chances are that the reasons for doing it with the originals still stand up with the remake.

It'd be nice to get the ultimate version, but that's something different entirely.

Irishguy951350d ago

Best thing "For the gamer" @ Foxtrot, as usual 2 copies sells more than 1 copy so why not?

R-A-S-01350d ago

Because: money. Its unfortunate really

elhebbo161350d ago

unfortunate? people have been asking for a R/S remake for ages now.

R-A-S-01349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Allow me to clarify: I think its unfortunate that they won't release an updated version of Emerald. When it comes to remakes, I find it rather cynical of GF and Nintendo not to release the definitive version of the game with the expectation that dedicated fans will buy both versions (which many will).

I am not upset that R&S are being remade; along with G&S they are my favourite Pokemon games, and I will be buying Alpha Sapphire.

Edit: I haven't quite figured out the comment system here, so that could explain the confusion.

jambola1350d ago

One guess for me is that if they remade crystal, or anything like that, there would only be one game.

videgamenext11350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Heart gold and soul silver where the crystal remakes they took that formula and expanded on it. They remake the ultimate versions of these games but split them apart so there is still two games.
Fr/gl= complete version of r/g/b/y
Hg/ss= complete version of g/s/c
Og/as= will be the complete version of r/s/e

Sevir1350d ago

Right,with the ability to trade with X and Y... I'm game!

RosweeSon1350d ago

Yeah they should have made leaf green fire red just yellow instead same with the other one that should have been crystal and they should just be making emerald now but that goes against the whole we must have 2 versions out, i understand for the trading side of things but seriously these are only remakes so they should have just done the best of the bunch out of the older gens, if we get some cool poke walker style thing tho I'll be sold ;)

Name Last Name1350d ago

Expect Pokemon X2 and Y2. Still waiting for Pokemon Gray...

-Foxtrot1350d ago

Yeah was a p*** take when they did that with Black and was the first time I decided to wait for Pokemon Gray.

They better not do that with X and Y

Diegon1350d ago

I read about it before that the reason they have generally had two versions is to bring more social elements to it and get people to interact with one another. They did have a third version that did have more content than the rest but that generally came about 2 years later than that gen's release so the ppl who are in smaller towns and don't get to interact with others as easily have an opportunity too but now with the internet it's much easier. And that's why ever since the remakes of gen 2 HG and SS they have kept it at 2 separate versions and no added third. Well that's my understanding of the situation.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

They only remake the dual versions.
FireRed and LeafGreen - 2004
HeartGold and SoulSilver - 2010
OmegaRuby and AlphaSaphhire -2014
Diamond and Pearl remake possibly 2018-19 for The Next Generation Nintendo Handheld launch.

SnotyTheRocket1350d ago

Remake Pokemon Yellow DAMN IT!

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CaptainSheep1350d ago

hurrn confirmed i'm going to shit myself this is too good i'm crying

Fixay1350d ago

pokemon z for wii u hopefully. A 3d pokemon like colosseum would be good imo