Big Bucks and Small Fries: Film vs Game production

Yesterday, Activision confirmed their new IP Destiny’s development and marketing budget was to be $500 million.

That’s half a billion dollars to create and market a single game.

For a while now, video games have been rising inmainstream cultural relevance. Equal, if not more so, than that of the big screen. With games now reaching production and marketing costs rivalling that of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, can we now start comparing the two even more so than ever?

There are definite comparisons within the industries: movies have their theatre filling blockbusters, games have their AAA mega hits; both also have their small independent masterpieces that receive critical acclaim and boost the careers of all involved. But development, marketing and consumption of the two mediums are still very different.

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kyon1471353d ago

I agree with you, that games have made it up to the level of Hollywood if not more with the recent 500 million budget for a single game alone.

SpiderMullen1353d ago

At the very least it means devs are willing to spend that much - and that the funds are available.

Still a huge chasm in the way they're developed and marketed though. Will be an odd feeling when we see a game dev on Graham Norton plugging the next trip A.

Roccetarius1353d ago

Spending that much on development and marketing, that screams more and more bloat. It's kinda sad, when you know that lesser developers don't spend that much on quality games.

Something could be said for MMO's built for long term investment, but Destiny isn't an MMO. Even if it was, that amount of money would be headless.

mochachino1353d ago

If I was a company I'd much rather spend 500 mill on a movie than a game. A movie has so many opportunities to sell (theatres, disc, digital, rental, netflix, TV for decades). If a game flops there not much you can do to at least break even.