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Daylight Review: Frighteningly boring! Daylight has the honor of being one of the first true horror experiences on the PS4, but unfortunately, that's the only accolade that this fetch quest is garnering from our editor Doug Herbert. Want to know why?

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Jdoki1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Oh dear. I briefly watched someone playing this on Twitch. I honestly thought it was a Steam Greenlight early access, game - not a finished product!! The review credits the sound design - but in the 10minutes I spent watching I thought it was really annoying (the same snippet of 'scary' noise over and over).

I didn't realise Jessica Chobot wrote the story. I never found her particularity interesting on IGN either.

rivencleft1415d ago

I've never been a huge fan of survival horror games like these, I mean honestly, who's going to walk around a game with a camcorder or cell phone and just let monsters, zombies, etc. attack them without at least attempting to fight back. That was my issue with Outlast, why can't I pick up a table leg and bash this beast over the head with it? i feel if I'm going to be playing something that's supposed to scare me at least give me some fighting chance, fighting back can still make the game scary, waiting in a locker for that thing looking for you as you see it through the slots walking back and forth as your heartbeat grows harder and louder, then BAM! the locker pops open, and you start swinging away with a hammer, still scary but realistic.