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Adam Seats: There are so many retro-styled games out these days that it's really hard for something to shine above the rest. Everyone and their mother is putting out 8-bit/16-bit action platformers, because let's be real, if you want nostalgia, you want to hit one of the biggest genres of all time. Broforce is not like these games. Broforce is Contra, if Contra secretly wanted to be Minecraft, which itself secretly wanted to be Doom. Broforce is the game you play with your friends when you need to live an 80's action movie. Broforce is the game you whip out when you want to make your friends hate you for killing them while laughing about just how big of an explosion you killed them with. Broforce, my friends, is the game where you win by killing terrorists who have been hired by the Devil himself, who you also kill, after which hopping onto a helicopter to do it again. Did I mention that you get to play as some of the most iconic action heroes of all time while you're doing this?

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