CCP to Expand EVE: Valkyrie 'Over the Next 3 Years'

VRFocus - EVE: Valkyrie developer CCP Newcastle has revealed that it plans to expand the upcoming virtual reality (VR) exclusive title over the course of the next 3 years with a host of new additions. Lead designer Chris Smith revealed as much during the recent EVE Fanfest event in Reykjavik, Iceland, stating that the title was being designed ‘from the ground up’ to be expanded upon over the course of its life.

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Gauder1474d ago

If this goes like Dust... support will stop after a year. Hopefully not tho.

modesign1474d ago

why not just put EVE online on ps3/ps4 instead of making crappy spin offs that no ones going to buy, CCP is pissing away money that they can save by just putting eve online on consoles, easy as that.

user56695101474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

How would that even work without turning it to a point and click game. If they make it what dust suppose to be I try it. PS2 that's connected to eve universe, I'm game