GRID: Autosport Dev: PS4/XBO Are Not "Simply PCs;" Games Need To Be "Built For" Both For Next-Gen

GearNuke: "There is a on-going misconception ever since current generation started that PS4 and Xbox One are similar to a PC. Codemasters, who are currently working on GRID: Autosport for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, have refuted this claim. They also explain why they decided to go with PS3 and Xbox 360 instead of PS4 and Xbox One."

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GarrusVakarian1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Look at that garbage, PR answer he gave for why they went with last gen instead of next gen...who does he think he's fooling? You went with last gen because of dem $$$$. Higher install base = higher profit margin, not "to make a GRID game that responds to our community and makes and awesome motorsports themed racing game." Well...knowing Codemasters, it probably was for that reason too, they are good guys....but no doubt it's primarily because of the higher install base of last gen consoles.

I hate it when devs talk to us like we were born yesterday.

DarkLordMalik1411d ago

Not to mention the extra effort that would have required for current gen version. They just were lazy and wanted quick cash grab.

Marcello1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

There`s no such thing as a lazy dev. Codemasters make great games but unfortunately they don't sell as well as they should so the problem becomes lack of funds to invest & with the new gen ps4/Xbox 1 those costs to develop skyrocket many fold.

Grid Autosport was made in little over a year & there giving us exactly wat the codemasters fans have been asking for from a Grid game which Grid 2 exactly didn't give us.

From a business view this move makes complete sense & after all game developers are business`s.
I am sure Codemasters will make a new Grid or probably Dirt 4 for PS4/Xbox1 next year.

CocoWolfie1411d ago

exactly :) randy pitchford gave the same response really and no offense to them, people will still buy this because theyre fans. my opinion is 7+ million ps4 consoles sold in the last few months still has a good chance because most last gen consoles are not as active, so yeah

UbiquitousClam1411d ago

Or there next gen engine just isn't ready yet, which is understandable when they have said that F1 2014 would be the first next gen offering and they usually don't release that until September.

candy_mafia1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )


Agree 100%

PS4/X1 share many similarities with PC architecture, so I don't buy this cop out tbh ;/

Oh well, we have Project Cars and Driveclub to look forward to, so if this particular Grid skips Gen 7, it won't hurt too much IMO.


incendy351411d ago

Haha, very true. Install base is hard to ignore. But also having an engine already built and optimized plus assets definitely makes it easier to continue on the platforms you know, so I do think they are being partially honest as well.

I also do agree with them that these next gen systems are not just PC's. The unified memory definitely makes them unique, engines built around PC's won't get the best performance on X1 or PS4, they really do need to be built with parallel performance as the driving force if they want to get the most out of the systems.

GarrusVakarian1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Maybe i was a little harsh on Codemasters, i have always loved their games and have always respected them as a studio. They have never came across as a greedy developer who is only interested in money... but responses like this really irk me, gamers are smart these days, we know exactly why devs are still releasing on older platforms.

Just be honest and say "we don't feel that the install base of the next gen consoles is big enough to justify to the development costs". I would respect them a lot more for an answer like that.

XiSasukeUchiha1411d ago

Bee please, stop with PR crap, for sake of consumerism.

xJumpManx1411d ago

Love grid series just make sure you include visual only option for damage.

FlameWater1411d ago

Butt Hurt Current gen owners mad because they got no games.
You're beta testers before the price drop. Dev's can make games on any console they want because it's a free country.
You call them greedy? Make your own game and then you can whine about who's lazy

GarrusVakarian1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

No, no one is calling CM greedy. I just would rather they be completely honest about why they are making it for last gen consoles. The reason is because of wider profit margins (dem $$$$) due to the larger install base of last gen consoles....that's just fact.

It's their right, as you say it's a free country, but is there anything wrong with asking for some transparency with the people who pay your bills?

And LOL at you saying current gen owners are "butthurt". I couldn't wait for next-gen to start so i could leave my ancient 360 and PS3 behind, i was ready for next-gen two years before it started. Have fun playing those ugly-ass games that run like crap, i'll be playing all the newest games on my PS4 and X1. Beta testers FTW!

FlameWater1411d ago

Can't wait to see your current gen game come out

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