UK Weekly Chart April 26, 2014

UK Weekly Chart April 26, 2014

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Axios21533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

TitanFall at #1 and #4

Well done Respawn

Does anyone remember those ridiculous articles about TF not lasting, me neither.

Good to see X1 still selling well in the UK

@ Lukas, I'm paying attention to Global sales of TF, be interesting to see it spike again in September

@ Likas, considering the install base, yes

@ Lukas, they all combine to put TF in the top 5 globally

@ Lukas, France it is, France has less than half number of X1 as PS, yet TF is less than 15% behind ISS in total sales, like I said, TF is doing very well.

lol at ppl saying TF is a free game, that would be a $500 purchase, I guess NewMonday is trying to say that TF is a system seller then.

GarrusVakarian1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

"Does anyone remember those ridiculous articles about TF not lasting, me neither."

I'm not sure....i guess it depends on which countries you choose to pay attention to. ;) For some people, France and Germany don't exist.

"@ Lukas, I'm paying attention to Global sales of TF, be interesting to see it spike again in September"

Clearly you aren't. You ignore countries where TF isn't do well. You only comment on the ones that show TF doing well. For example, you plainly ignore Germany and France, TF is at #26 (360), #41 (PC) and #56 (X1). "Dat staying power" for those regions too?

NewMonday1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Titanfall is a free game in the UK, like Knack in Japan, so it is actually doing bad because it is not making money, and EA didn't talk about profits from the game in the last financial report.

it is doing worse than Homefront, the game that caused THQ bankruptcy

Bundi1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Newmonday, explain to me how these numbers support your logic. Xbox One has sold more units than Titanfall games this week. This means VGChartz is not tracking the digital copies that come free with every Xbox in the UK.

Vgchartz does not track digital bundles as there is no way to tell how many have actually been downloaded.

inFamous is doing worse than Titanfall and by extension Homefront, the game you claim sunk THQ. That plus Sony is knocking on bankruptcy so I dunno why you of all people would want to open that can of worms.

NewMonday1533d ago

the UK market still has pre-Titanfall SKUs

and all Sony games have moderate budgets and they hardly spend anything on marketing.

Titanfall is made to sell over 10 million minimum and it is barley over 1 million now.

morganfell1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Oh look, it 's a contradiciton to vgchartz. Of course I could throw darts at numbers on the wall and beat vgchartz. So either Amazon is not indicative of UK sales or else vgcharttz, proven wrong time and again is in error. But unlike vgchartz, as least those numbers from Amazon are factual.


Month of May as of today:

Bigpappy1533d ago

Lukas you are beginning to sound more and more like every other angry fanboy on the site. You say you have an X1 but you are first in line to jump on anyone how points out a positive on the system.

For you to jump all over this guy about a general statement, which is in fact wholly true, by brining up countries where Xbox has never been a big seller, shows what lengths you are willing to go to try to downplay his point.

Titan Falls may not be your cup of tea, but it is the main reason Xbox is still selling very well. Then you look at the 360 version and that is also a consistent seller. So if you want to argue that it is in decline, may be you can point to any game that has been more consistent so far this year.

Eonjay1533d ago

I wouldn't get to worked up about it. After all NPD is tomorrow and VGChartzs says its a win for Xbox One. Would you like to make your own prediction?

VegasDawg1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

LOL, you are reaching man, there is a time to just to get quiet and just walk away.

Lukas is a fanBOY I can sum up all his post: In my best caveman voice, Sony good MS bad, every post I see he does the same thing. The bubbles prove it say anything remotely good about MS and you will get flamed, talk like Sony is God and bubbles for days.

morganfell1533d ago


The PS4 by 70K.

malokevi1532d ago

Hey lukey-poo, you and Axios should walk down the street, hold hands, and talk merrily about game/console sales.


TekoIie1532d ago


We all know why people care dont we? Because most people here need good sales for their platform of choice to justify their "allegiance".

PS4isKing_821532d ago

@eonjay npd is next Thursday on the 15th, not tomorrow.

Eonjay1532d ago


Oh thanks.

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GarrusVakarian1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

"@ Likas, considering the install base, yes"

Lmfao, wow. #56 is not considered as having "staying power" matter what way you try and spin it. You are insane. TF could be at the bottom of the list and you would find some way to spin it into a positive.

Week after week TF has dropped further down the list in Germany and France, that's literally the opposite of having staying power. But i guess only the UK and US count, right?

DJustinUNCHAIND1532d ago

Lukas, you counting Germany is grasping at straws because none of the consoles or games for that matter have been lighting up the charts.

Christopher1533d ago

***lol at ppl saying TF is a free game, that would be a $500 purchase, I guess NewMonday is trying to say that TF is a system seller then.***

Actually only £350 w/the game. Same cost as just a PS4. That's why you see spike in XBO and Titanfall sales in the UK.

HaveAsandwich1533d ago

when it goes to the ps4, what are you going to say then? you had a good run? lol

Tedakin1533d ago

Titanfall 1 is never coming to PS4. Titanfall 2 is MAYBE coming to PS4 in a few years. You don't think MS is going to throw some massive amount of money at EA to prevent that from happening though? I'm not saying it won't be on PS4, but I am saying MS will try to stop it.

truefan11532d ago

Keep educating them Axios2 Titanfall has sold GREAT for XB1. Remember all those it will only sell on PC and 360 comments, those people sure disappeared. XB1 gaining steam in the UK.

JMyers1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )


Some points you choose to forget:

1) TitanFall is Free in the UK with XBONEs.
2) The XBONE is now £100 lower than at Launch
3) No new games to play on XBONE, so TitanFall will have a long slow burn in terms of Sales.
4) Story much more different in the rest of Europe, which vastly outweighs the UK Market.

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beereal3601533d ago

7 out of top 10 xbox . MS ftw

Tedakin1533d ago

Titanfall deserves it. I'm still playing it daily 2 months later. most games I never touch again after the first week.

Automatic791532d ago

Titanfall excellent game those that have not picked it up go support the game.

Predaking771532d ago

I will, when it releases on PS4 @ 1080p with a decent single player campaign.

Automatic791532d ago


Limiting yourself to an up in the air thought is why you will not get to enjoy a great game.

Predaking771529d ago


So you are telling me to spend $660 (console, taxes, game and Xbox live) just to play 1 game that just run at 792p without a single player campaign so I don't limit my self?

Sorry but that is not an attractive offer. I rather wait for a better Titanfall experience on PS4.

Illusive_Man1532d ago

Infamous dropping like a rock

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