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Borderlands 2 PlayStation Vita Gets New Gameplay Video

A new gameplay video is now available for the PlayStation Vita version of Borderlands 2.

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Community1657d ago
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nope1111657d ago

Okay, color me impressed. It looks really good and runs pretty well, though it constantly dips below 30fps.

Also.... Zer0 suuuuuxx!

GarrusVakarian1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

"Also.... Zer0 suuuuuxx!"

Nuh uh! I cleared out entire rooms of enemies using the perk that allows you to stay cloaked if you get a kill while in deception mode.

Zer0 fo lyfe!

theDivision1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Agreed. Only a rookie would say Zer0 sucks. I never go down when playing as him and if you go all in for melee you basically can kill anyone with ease. Even Terramorphous can be killed using primarily melee with zer0 (proof: )

My only issue with Zer0 was that I couldn't get a sword that added more melee bonus so I was stuck using that pistol.

InTheLab1657d ago

Early on Zero is terrible....that's probably what he meant...

nidhogg1657d ago

I beg to disagree.. Zer0 doesn't.

ninjahunter1657d ago

To be fair, the console versions had pretty bad framerates too.

nope1111657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Zer0 is boring ZZZZZZZZZ, boring skills, boring melee style, boring action skill, boring! I manage to get a lvl 51 Zer0 and he is still boring.

Zer0 became redundant when the immortal Krieg the Psycho released with his awesome TRUE melee style.

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sobotz1657d ago

Dat long loading-time and fps drop

bothebo1657d ago

Meh impressive for a handheld but there's no way I'm buying it when I already got it for free on my PS3.

sherimae24131657d ago

ur so cheap!
u rely to much on freebies?! and u called ur self a gamer?!

dodgemoose1657d ago

It's called logical thinking.

RadioActiveTwinky1657d ago

Well at least it has cross-save support. IMO that makes it a he'll of a lot easier to 100% the game if you're one of those hard core completionist.

killerluffy1231657d ago

Im definitely not getting this until they fix the fps and the loading time completely .( not going to buy something that is done without an effort )

r211657d ago

Considering that the console versions had some bad frame rates and the facts that they actually got BL2 working on a HANDHELD at somewhat performable rate AND using the unreal engine(which hasnt been that great with the vita), I think Iron Galaxy have done their best. Maybe a patch can up and stabilize the performance.

Its still pretty dang impressive none the less. Looking forward to playing it again on my vita :)
Axon and maybe Gaige this time.

ninjahunter1657d ago

It turned out really well, my only complaints are about the low enemy count and there seems to be no ambient sound or music. But i honestly cant remember if it was the same in the console borderlands.