New Study Validates Using VR to Treat Anxiety

VRFocus - A new study has been published this week, taking a look at the correlation between presence and anxiety with virtual reality (VR). The study, titled 'A Meta-Analysis on the Relationship between Self-Reported Presence and Anxiety in Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Anxiety Disorders', asks if VR can only be used for fun or if it also serves a therapeutic purpose. The outcome suggested that the technology could well be used for the latter.

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Thantalas1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I don't think the VR Roller Coaster demo will help with anxiety! But it makes me even more eager to try out Oculus Rift & Project Morpheus.

Skate-AK1535d ago

That's weird. I wonder if they will try to cure peoples phobias with VR.

AgentSmithPS41535d ago

It might work and it could give you an excuse to get VR, not that it's needed.

Self hypnosis works well for phobias, anxiety, etc, it just takes practice and the understanding that conscious guesses about the root of the problem in the subconscious aren't very reliable. Autoquestioning (google) is important. Once you have a hyp script it's important to ask "Will it work in the intended way?" I was lazy once and I ended up making my hands really dry and wrinkled instead of making them stop sweating so much when gaming :P.

AgentSmithPS41535d ago

"This isn't VR porn I'm just treating my social anxiety!"