Top 5 Gaming Routers

The top 5 routers that are the best for online gaming and low latency

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sophieandreson1536d ago

Awesome... I was just looking for a used router this morning. This list helps. Thanks!

lailashaikh1536d ago

I've been using the Linksys AC1900 for BF4 recently. The game has its own lag issues but switching to that router improved the experience quite a bit.

qu1ckset1536d ago

I'm using the ASUS AC68U , a lil pricey but it's amazing!

akraven1536d ago

I was surprised it wasn't on the list. I have the older 56u.

qu1ckset1536d ago

Just checked the list , they all seem like mid range to budget routers on the , list if I was in the market for a router I wouldn't even consider any of those on the list especially the top4, but I'm really into computers and media consumption so performance is at the top of my list!

MMG1534d ago

Budget is important to people like me. It would have been very easy to put together a list of super expensive routers that were top-of-the-line so kudos to OP for considering us poor folks.

CerealKiller1536d ago

Never understood the benefit of buying a overpriced "gaming" router over any other high performance router.

MMG1534d ago

None of these are over-priced though. Heck, one of them is even around $60.

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