Updated Nintendo million sellers through March 31, 2014

Check out the latest Wii U/Wii/3DS/DS million sellers.

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ritsuka6661505d ago

I personally believe the worst is over for WII U. Now for Nintendo to start kicking ass and taking names starting with Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros for 2014. Bring on!

Fixay1504d ago

I hope so, I've got my bundle pre ordered for MK8 and smash later his year. Can't wait

MNGamer-N1504d ago

I hope your right. They need to start making some money, after news of another loss. I want to see them do well, I hope people buy a Wii U and Mario Kart.

Errefus1504d ago

I would like to think so. The only thing that worries me is that Smash for wii u is their biggest Fall/Winter Title.... So does that mean we wont see more first party titles this year? i hope e3 will give us a clear picture.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1504d ago

agreed Mario Kart 8 is already topping best-sellers and most wanted charts.

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Moonman1504d ago

Wow, Luigi's Mansion has turned into a popular spin-off for the Mario Series. 4 million for Dark Moon.

Nice note: Super Mario Galaxy at 12.22 million.

Th3o1504d ago

I honestly could not for the life of me get into the new Luigi's mansion...the first was a master piece. The synopsis the music, and quality...this felt a little awkward to control...I think I got half way through it before I was bored out of my mind!

On the other hand my fav titles remain, Mario 3D land, Fire emblem and Zelda.

Nsmb 2 was another game I hated, who the heck collects the coins? When was this ever was only fun in bonus levels not through out the whole game....

On a side note I'm shocked Mario 3D world did so poorly I expected that game to sell systems...I almost bought a Wii.U because of it (frankly I'm still tempted!!!!!!!! playing with my gf could be my new thing!)

Anyways we'll see :D

Moonman1504d ago

Definitely get 3D World if you eventually buy a Wii U! :)

rivencleft1504d ago

The fact that they're giving away a digital retail game for the Wii U with the registration of Mario Kart 8 on Club Nintendo is just awesome, think I'll pick up Pikman 3 finally after I get MK8, hell i'm just 30 points shy of being a Club Nintendo Platinum member for the year, so can't wait to see the rewards they issue for it for 2014.