We Need More Games Like Child of Light, Please

William at GameCloud writes: "At this point, it’s still early days in terms of sales numbers, so I can’t imply whether it will change anything in the industry. In truth, it could even work to discourage the aforementioned point of view if it doesn’t sell well. However, regardless of its position, I can tell you right now that we have an opportunity to send an important message to all of the larger publishers. Sure, Child of Light isn’t a perfect game, and I can’t guarantee it will be for everyone, either. In saying that, though, its success could actually inspire more mid-tier “AAA” games, and in turn, benefit a lot of different audiences in time. I earnestly encourage anyone with the slightest curiosity to try it out, as your investment could help to create an entirely new venture. We need more games like Child of Light, please."

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ArchangelMike1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I definitely agree, I love Child of Light, and more smaller sized really fun JRPG's games. (Although it is a French made RPG, so should it not be called (FRPG?)

THe industry needs to begin to move away from the Multimillion dollar AAA games. It's killing the whole industry, whereby risk nearly always outweighs reward.

I can't imagine Ubi spent a huge budget on Child of Light, but they are likely to make their money back with the critical success the title is getting.