Nintendo's Results for FY 2013: Wii U Sold 6.17 Million Units, 3DS 43 Million, Worse than Expected

Nintendo just published its financial results for Fiscal Year 2014, and they don't look overly positive, slightly worse than what indicated by previous forecast modifications .

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AngelicIceDiamond1534d ago

Ehh its not lookin good for Nintendo at all. After 2 years and barely crackin 7 mill.

I really hope Nintendo's E3 and Directs really get ppl excited and enough content to make the console worth while.

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Magicite1534d ago

its still almost 2m north of x1 numbers, so not that bad...yet

wardestroyr1534d ago

It's 6.17 million shipped.

darthv721534d ago

What i read most on this site is how there needs to be more games for the core gamer. Games for a dedicated gaming device and yet here we have a company doing just that. nintendo doesnt make movies or tv's or phone or computers...they make gaming systems and games.

they are the only (and have been for some time) gaming focused company in the mix. the appeal of their games is what is at stake and many feel they are to kiddy but thats the view from the outside looking in.

Take a step inside and you might find a different perspective. The games are fun and entertaining in their own unique way. they arent going for realistic they are going for the fun factor.

so while someone with a ps3/4 or xbox 360/one might say that those type of fun games dont appeal to them well...there is nothing i can say to convince you. you need to just forgo the premise of everything needs to be big and flashy and blows up and just try them. you might be surprised by how much fun they bring. Maybe even crack a smile in the process.

dont worry, we wont think differently of you if you actually enjoy yourself. After all...that's what games are for.

LOL_WUT1534d ago

I've been saying this for the longest they need to fire this man as soon as possible ;)

Kidmyst1534d ago

I agree with some of what you said. I have not purchased a WiiU yet and may or may not. I am an older core gamer and have all my old systems back to my Atari 2600 and you are right, Nintendo games are super fun. I have my Super Nintendo hooked up for my 3 1/2 year old who loves Donkey Kong Country and my original DS playing Mario World I've replayed some of my old favorites too. I have not purchased a WiiU simply because my Wii sat with dust more than I played it because the draw to keep me on the console isn't there as much as other consoles offer me. Especially with things like PS Plus and constant free games. Once WiiU has Zelda and Metroid I'll more than likely pick one up. If my son was older and I wasn't concerned over the tablet controller I'd get one for him. A lot of Nintendo's old die hard fanbase such as myself have moved on, had kids and are more buying PS4's and Xbone's and their kids play on what they buy. Nintendo needs to release games to bring us back more than they have and not focus on gimick controls but have them optional. I can't think of one WiiU game I actually feel that I am missing out playing I can't play on another console and this in my opinion is why their sales are so low.

gameDevWannaBe1534d ago

xbox has been out for less than 8 months. Ninty is doomed. Good for them now they will try harder next gen like sony is doing.

I hope this really hurts them so they will smarten up.

Winter47th1534d ago

Queue Iwata bending over again in yet another Nintendo Direct video *sigh* What a horrible leader.

Chrischi19881534d ago

by all means, ninty is far awqy from being doomeds, like it pr not, this is not an opinion, its a fact

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Evilsnuggle1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I don't understand why Nintendo will not compete with Sony and Microsoft at E3. This Nintendo direct is stupid. Nintendo should have a Big E3 stage show like everyone else and compete with PS4 and xbone. I think if Nintendo gave the wiiU a price 200 or 250 with a great bundle like Mario Kart or super smash brothers or a new Zelda game. Then Nintendo would be in competition with the xbone for second place this generation.

P.S Iwata should be fired

thehobbyist1534d ago

Yes, the CEO who takes a pay cut instead of laying off highly talented employees should be fired. He should also be replaced by a suit who has never played video games. Or better yet, Nintendo should drop the price of the Wii U to $200 so that they don't even make enough off the console to keep them in production. There's a reason why you only have one bubble.

Gh05t1534d ago


Yes the CEO who can not make money should be fired regardless of him taking a pay cut. This is a business not a happy fun, let's get in a circle and talk about how much we like him as a person.

Had he been laid off then Nintendo still would not have had to lay off the highly talented people you claim to have had thier jobs saved. I bet if Nintendo advertised a CEO position with a dollar salary and bonuses based on performance they would have plenty of qualified applicants with more vision and understanding than this has been.

But you keep thinking that the only people out there running companies are "suits" with no soul. Just remember other companies are posting profits. Nintendo should be as well.

Chrischi19881534d ago

He made nintendo more money than anyone else did for their respective company in gaming. Then he only has problems with the home console. Could you pleasse stop acting like all he did is losing?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

It been over 1 year and half sir.
Nov. 2012-13 is one year plus.

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majiebeast1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I think Iwata is done for at this point. There is no way shareholders will continue letting him fumble the ball.

Nintendo needs fresh blood and start courting third party devs for their next console, no gimmicks to try and sell the console and just accept that the Wii was lightning in a bottle, that might never happen again.

Abriael1534d ago

According to Pachter, the board simply doesn't have enough guts to send him on his way.

It's pachter, so take it with a grain of salt, but IMHO he's right here.

majiebeast1534d ago

Didnt a japanese site say that E3 2014 was Iwata's last stand? I mean as shareholder you cant be happy that the WiiU is projected to only sell 4 million units, this coming fiscal year.

MightyNoX1534d ago

I agree with Abriael on this point. Iwata's got too much clout to be ousted.

colonel1791534d ago

IMO, they should be conceptualizing the new console by now. So it would be very smart decision to get rid of Iwata at least for the project. Nintendo needs to get rid of him slowly, and so having him gone from the next gen console project would be the first step.

Even the most powerful can fall, and this time was Iwata's turn. He has been great, but everybody is thinking the same thing! They want new blood, new, fresh ideas.

Like majiebeast said, they need to be starting courting third party devs for whatever comes next. Just look at how the impression completely changed when Phil Spencer was chosen the boss of Xbox! All that negativity that surrounded the Xbox was gone the next day!

That is exactly what Nintendo needs!

BoneBone1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Emily has been extremely critical of Nintendo, so the bias card doesn't wash. Besides the point, her inside info based opinions are worth 1000x more than those of emotionally driven forum fanboy's witch-hunting and crazed paranoid guesswork.

The only thing left missing, is for you to click disagree and prove my point.

randomass1711534d ago

It really does surprise me how people seem to seriously believe that firing one man is going to magically fix all of Nintendo's current issues. I hope you guys know that if shareholders got exactly who they wanted into the company, Nintendo would more than likely become a mobile third party software developer. Iwata deserves some respect, a demotion at the worst and a consultant position at the best.

-Foxtrot1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Serious question here Abriael

How come the board dosen't have the guts to send him packing?

They're higher ups right? Or at least powerful enough together to come to decision to get rid of him. ANY other company would of fired a guy like Iwata by now for messing up like this.


No one is saying it's magically going to fix everything...but it's a bloody good step in the right direction.

GameSpawn1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )


A majority of Nintendo's top shareholders are banks and trusts.

Hiroshi Yamauchi is the largest shareholder (individual or otherwise) and he's even more ancient than Iwata (well dead at this point). Yamauchi's beneficiaries probably have too much trust and faith left in Iwata to turn around and tell him to walk or convince the other shareholders to vote him out.

I wouldn't doubt that the "loyalty" part of Japanese culture is the only reason Iwata is still where he is at (well, that and the remaining heat left over from the Wii's success and 3DS's comeback from its initial poor launch).

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BoneBone1534d ago

Really? What do you know about Iwata and what happens behind the scenes at Nintendo? Probably, what? Nothing?

Emily Rogers @Emi1yRogers 4d
"Last year I was critical on Iwata's handling of Wii U. But after speaking to many Nintendo employees, I now sympathize with Iwatas situation".

Please stop pretending you know how to run multi-billion dollar corporations.

Abriael1534d ago

Things aren't necessarily true just because Emily Rogers (which isn't exactly the most unbiased source for things Nintendo) says them.

N4g_null1533d ago

Ok abriael what are you going to say about sony?

You are critical of a company that actually made a profit here. Not as much as usual yet sony is set to loose estimate billions, not in yen but dollars.

Should kaz be fired? Has he really turned around sony yet? We only see him selling off parts of sony not forging a new sony. Should we all just give up on sony for having better hardware before the wiiu yet never making a game as good as mariokart or smash.... Yet they have tried a failed at those very games.

It's funny how no one at retro has quit. No one at the Japanese 1st parties have quit. Nintendo hasn't fired anyone then we get mariokart 8 and smash.

What is funny is almost nothing is coming out worth talking about game play wise for the ps4 yet their drought is ignored. Kaz did not drop the ball on software huh?

I'm sorry Iwata is the only CEO that understands gaming. Gaming as a whole is getting hit right now which is why the Wagon are circling.

tigertron1534d ago

I agree, I think Nintendo needs to go back to the drawing board with home consoles.

It needs new leadership and new ideas .

All I really want is a Nintendo home console that's traditional and packed with lots of first and third party support. I hope that one day we get that again.

Errefus1534d ago

I agree they need new leadership and go back to the board, however there are ppl in this site that think they dont.... its a shame that they think like that.

wonderfulmonkeyman1534d ago

The last thing we need is for Nintendo's next system to become a carbon copy of its competitors by ditching the good stuff like the game pad especially if it's for the sake of investors and idiots like Michael Pachter.
Did you know that one of them wanted Nintendo to start making microtransactions in their games?
"Imagine making people pay a few cents to get Mario to jump just a little higher!"
That's a nearly word-for-word quote.
We don't need people that stupid deciding Nintendo's future.

rainslacker1534d ago

It doesn't have to be a carbon copy, but they need to make it strong enough to compete against Sony and MS. Nintendo had it's own consumer base last gen, and they were hoping that would return for the Wii U. When that didn't happen they haven't really done anything to try and remain competitive. They have great games, and some of the strongest IP's in gaming, but the hardware just isn't getting support because Nintendo is a generation behind compared to the competition.

SilentNegotiator1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

It might be the last thing that YOU need, but the majority of gamers clearly want normal consoles with lots of third party support and Nintendo needs it if they're ever going to become big on the home console scene again. Developers don't want to go out of their way to give their game features/interface for a special controller (unless they're getting big bucks to do it, like with Kinect).

And whose "one of them" that suggested microtransactions for Mario games?

Baccra171534d ago

Using too much common sense. Don't you know by now Nin always does the opposite of whatever common sense happens to be? They're not going to learn because they don't care, and Iwata is probably safe as well.

Getting your hopes up far too high if you think Nin is going to learn anything or change their stubborn ways.

GordonKnight1534d ago

Nintendo's problem is what make them so good. They have they vision of what they want to do in video games and they don't let competition change their direction.

The Wii U may not have photo realistic 3rd party games, but the Wii U perfect console for the Nintendo fan.

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ArbitorChief1534d ago

Yep, Iwata is gone, time for a new CEO.

lilbroRx1534d ago

Then shouldn't Shuhei Yoshida be gone since Sony lost even more? Why does no one attack him the way Iwata gets attacked?

ArbitorChief1534d ago

Because Yoshida isn't the CEO of Sony, he works at Playstation while Iwata is the CEO of Nintendo and is responsible for this loss.

Errefus1534d ago

Because Iwata had his time with the Wii and now he cant even make this console turn around..

Taking Pay cuts isnt helping...New Leadership is needed at Nintendo

Dan_scruggs1534d ago

Yup just like Kaz is on the chopping block for losing Sony over 1.3 Billion Last year. Oh yeah.

LOL_WUT1534d ago

Both Sony and Microsoft have had their CEO's replaced time for Nintendo to get the same treatment. Iwata's pride and old traditions is hurting the company ;)

-Foxtrot1534d ago

But Kaz's leadership is what also helped the PS4

Unlike Nintendo you guys fail to realise that Sony is an electronics company, hell even Microsoft are a more then just Xbox One's.

Nintendo is just a gaming console business, they don't have other things to worry about. No TV's, Computers, Cameras, Operating Systems, Tablets etc

jcnba281534d ago

If you think Iwata should be gone I'd love to hear your opinion on Kaz Hirai lol

Kevlar0091534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Played it too safe, overestimated the name of their brand. They needed to plan for the Next Gen better and create more WiiU development teams. Sony and MS are teasing new 1st/2nd party development projects left and right within their first year, where Nintendo has still been pretty quiet 1.5 years into the WiiU

Also their marketing has been dismal. They really only have Directs and online ads for certain games.

Totoro171534d ago

Exactly, Kevin. Not to mention that since the GameCube, Nintendo isn't really known for longevity when it comes to home consoles. Portables, on the other hands, are amazing and last for about a decade. But it's a different story when it comes to the GameCube, Wii and Wii U; systems sold all within the past 10 years. Their 3rd party developers are abysmal as well.

lilbroRx1534d ago

@Kevlar this is exactly it. Everything aside from this is just biased projections and wishful thinking from haters. You hit the nail on the head.

They could easily fix every single one of these problem but they won't for some reason.

LOL_WUT1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

They've failed to sell the WiiU again for the consecutive time and as usual you have individuals trying to spin this and ignoring the man at fault Iwata ;)

patrik231534d ago

they only shipped 310k wii u in first quarter of 2014. i guess wii u sells the best in US if we know that in march NPD sold around 80k.

they expect to ship 3.6 million wii u in next 12 months. that would put wii u LTD sales to 9.8 million which is worse than dreamcast.

3DS doesn't doing great either. only 590k shipped in first quarter of 2014