Bound By Flame First Impressions

First impressions of the newest action roleplaying game Bound by Flame by Spiders Studios, written by ChemicalxRachel of GamersSphere.

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gamertk4211533d ago

There is quite a bit of roundabout writing here, where she uses 4 sentences to say what can easily be described in 2. Not terrible, but just a bit of a chore to read through. That being said, I'm hoping to enjoy this game when Amazon brings it on Friday, as I loved Amalur, and hope to have a similar experience.

wheresmymonkey1533d ago

then you are going to be sadly disappointed my friend. The combat is much more like the witcher.

Palitera1533d ago

Amalur, where you killed enemies with 3-4 hits in a very combat-centric gameplay?

The comparison she made seems very poor to me. The game seems to have a terribly boring and underdeveloped combat system. For instance, look at when the enemies are hit. It is just a health bar decreasing, absolutely nothing more.

Disagree as much as you like, but we're looking at a 50-60 Metacritic game here.

Am_Ryder1533d ago

She's clearly a budding writer, who's just getting started. A year from now she'll be far better. It's a difficult learning process. Let's support her and her work.

I agree about the game, I'm psyched to get a halfway decent (at least) RPG on PS4.

MatriXcian1533d ago

Not sure how this game is going to turn out but the trailers look like it could be a decent RPG.

OtakuDome1533d ago

It's actually pretty damn good, considering Spider isn't that big of a developer.

Mister_G1533d ago

I've noticed several people playing this already in "Live from Playstation", and the general feedback (when I asked them) is good :)

Ron_Danger1533d ago

One thing I love about the live feed is that you can see gameplay from actual players and not vids from devs that only show the best parts. I was watching a live stream of it in PS4 this morning with breakfast and it looked pretty good (especially with the lower asking price of $50 for next gen versions). I just wish the guy streaming the gameplay wasn't so jumpy. They were acting like it was the middle of the night playing Outlast. I've never heard of anyone screaming so much from regular encounters.

Grave1533d ago

Isn't it out, where are the reviews?

Ron_Danger1533d ago

I'm guessing it has something to do with the digital release being yesterday and the retail release being Friday.

*this is a complete theory that wasn't researched so salt is recommended with reading my comment*

PockyKing1533d ago

Reviews are embargoed until the 9th. I can tell you it is good, but not great. Just don't go into it with super high expectations provided you purchase the game. Spiders certainly has potential to make something great though I can tell you that.

CrashJones1533d ago

Wasn't going to get it. Was going to wait until a price drop.
Won a couple bucks on pro-line and said what the heck.
It is currently downloading. I'm also downloading "Stick it to the Man" at the moment for PS4, which is free for PS+. That one looks interesting.
I got MLB:The Show yesterday. That game is stunning. Same fun game to play, but even better looking.
Watch_Dogs is my next get.

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The story is too old to be commented.