Senran Kagura Producer Would Like To Make A PlayStation 4 Game

Producer Kenichiro Takaki is known for making lighthearted games for handheld consoles, namely the Senran Kagura series, but he recently talked about how he’d be very interested in making a game for the PlayStation 4.

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Blues Cowboy1356d ago


I actually kinda like Senran Kagura. It's up-front about being fan service, is cheeky rather than degrading and -- shock horror -- is actually a fun and solid brawler.

Let's have it on PS4 - will they disable the share button like Nintendo disabled MiiVerse functionality? Lots of... jiggling... going on.

AgentSmithPS41355d ago

Ty for the info, the PS4 does need more jiggle physics, for science.

micx1356d ago

Lol, I wonder what they would do with extra power.

AgentSmithPS41355d ago

Helpful :O.
Now I understand why 60fps is so important ;).
I hope they use these orbs of power to help sell the Morpheus.