Borderlands 2 Vita Gameplay Preview

Elthegeek over on youtube was kind enough to allow us to use his gameplay videos of Borderlands 2 on the ps vita for our site. Check out his in depth coverage of the gameplay right here.

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nope1111262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Graphically, it looks really damn good, but the FPS seems to hover below 30 and i've noticed a lack of enemies on screen.

Dat splotchy deathsplosion tho.... I LOVE IT!

Overall, it looks fun. We haven't seen the more hectic parts though.

Foraoise1262d ago

Oh, you'll see them. I'm currently pretty far in at the moment, and there are times (despite what people say... they make horrid assumptions...) where there are even about 12-15 enemies on-screen. Crazy. I'm new to the game, but I've died a lot on it so far, haha!

ninjahunter1261d ago

Does the framerate get particularly bad in the really big scenes? It doesnt look any more choppy than the console version in the video, but it can get pretty intense later on.

Foraoise1261d ago

The cutscenes, yeah, sometimes. Also, places like the sanctuary suffer from framerate issues. Some places suffer, most framerate drops aren't noticeable, don't worry (some are, but they're tolerable). For the most part, however, the game plays VERY well. VERY VERY well. Most of it has no framerate issues.

3-4-51260d ago

Loving this game so far, bought it for PC 2 days ago. I hope they add a patch to the Vita version to let it run smoother, I'd probably buy it for my Vita at some point if they did that.

ninjahunter1261d ago

I cant really complain, looks almost identical to the console version, not counting shadows and enemy count. I hope we see a patch or two in the near future, it sounds like the devs were still doing a lot of major refining up to the last minute.

nidhogg1260d ago

..and to think that the the developers who made this possible were the ones who developed DiveKick.

shivvy241260d ago

I wonder if thei working on th vita port of the next game too

SoldierX1260d ago

It is very uncomfortable to play after about 30 minutes you start to get some Vita fatigue. The rear touch pad for sprinting and melee don't help much.

nidhogg1260d ago

Can we ask 2K to make a patch for the PC or console versions that would include an option for enemies to just DEATHSPLODE?? I'm seriously liking that much more.