"TVs are the Future for Mobile Games" Claims 2-bit Cowboy Dev Cascadia Games

iOS gamers are in for a treat this Thursday May 8, when 2-bit Cowboy rides into town.

Interesting interview with Chris Jorgensen - owner of Cascadia Games - Find out more about the inspirations behind 2-bit Cowboy.

They end up venturing off into some pretty interesting territory, discussing MFi controllers and iOS gaming on flatscreen TVs.

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CoyoteHunter1475d ago

Very very keen for this game. The more I hear, the more I like!

SlappingOysters1475d ago

It sounds a lot deeper than it looks. I was expecting something very superficial when I first saw this game, but the way it's described sounds quite compelling.

NexGen1475d ago

"TV's are the future for mobile games."

Anyone else see the problem here? Brb, strapping my 65 inch tv to my back.

MilkMan1475d ago

About the title of this article:

Tapani1475d ago

He means that soon mobile games will be played through mobile devices on TV wirelessly etc.