Tommy Refenes Doesn’t “See a Way the Wii U Can Compete with the PS4 and Xbox One"

Team Meat's Tommy Refenes doesn't see how the Wii U can compete with other next-gen consoles.

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AceBlazer131414d ago

It's keeping ahead of the Bone so why count it out? Not like Nintendo hasn't made come backs before.

ats19921414d ago

You forgot to mention the wii u has been out a year longer than the xbox one has plus the xbox one has outsold the wii u every week since it launched. Yes nintendo can make a comeback but its going to take a lot.

wonderfulmonkeyman1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

So what if it's been out longer?

People have been trying to use that reasoning in defense of the PS360 before now too, and for some strange reason I don't see many downvotes in those instances, so it makes me wonder, why should it apply here?

Just because it's Nintendo?

I say that the length of time it's been out doesn't change the significance of the fact that its library is really damned decent now.

Especially with native backwards compatibility beefing up its library on top of the upcoming releases everyone is expecting for it.

annus1414d ago


6 years vs 7 years is not the save as 6 months vs 18 months.

For comparisons sake 360 has been out 1.16 times longer than PS3, where as Wii U has been out for 3 times as long.

I'm not sticking up for Xbone or anything, but they are not a fair comparison.

showtimefolks1414d ago


ps3 caught up to xbox360 and passed it with one less year in the USA and 1.5 years in Europe. xbox one came out a year after wiiu and has outsold it every week like ps3 did to xbox360

it matters because atleast MS built a strong lead infront of the PS3 to where it took PS3 good 6-7 years to catch up to xbox360. And launching early gave MS every territory all to them self. They took the USA market from sony

1-nintendo hasn't done anything
2-they can't/won't get 3rd party support
3-where are the big games?
4-their online system still sucks compared to xbox live/psn(its like nintendo didn't pay attention to how sony started psn to compate with xbox live. )

so yes it matters that a system comes out a year before another yet can't show any results

wonderfulmonkeyman1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

@ Annus
But both the PS4 and XBone supposedly have many more developers supporting them.
If that's true, shouldn't they have caught up in number of games by now, by virtue of having many more developers?
Yet they haven't, so unless the amount of devs they have compared to the devs making games for the Wii U, has been extremely exaggerated, I think that it makes the comparison much more fair.

@ Showtime

1-Nintendo hasn't done anything as far as advertisement, you mean.
2- They have/are getting third party support. Like it or not, smaller devs and indies count towards that total, and the Wii U has got quite a bit coming to it.
AAA isn't the only kind of third party support that matters. End of.
3- Later in coming than they should be, but coming nonetheless.
4- Really? Why? Because no free games?
It's got great stability, has finally ditched friend codes, and is totally free.
All it really needs to be comparable is better lobbies, more usage of in-game chat, and some sort of achievement system.[which Stamps could cover, and actually be better than the others, since you can actually USE stamps instead of just use them to compare E-peens and nothing else]

Army_of_Darkness1414d ago

Let's face it, we all know wiiu is just gonna be another gamecube. It may have a few good games here and there but there is no way it's gonna last or succeed anywhere near the ps4 or even the xbone.

Metallox1414d ago

@Army_of_Darkness "we all know wiiu is just gonna be another gamecube." I hope so.

torchic1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )


none of your arguments make even the remotest sense.

PS4 & Xbox One will surpass Wii U in all sales categories sooner rather than later, and the Wii U will never catch up. it's beyond the point of revival.

you can defend it all you want but it is a failure man, deal with it...

Why o why1414d ago

The gamecube gave me waaaay more enjoyment than the wii ever did. Take from that what you will... I still have my double dash.

leahcim1413d ago

and "a lot" MUST mean a new console

Chrischi19881413d ago

Nah, you all can come out and try to make the xbox one better, but it wont change the fact, that the xbox one is a more expensive and worse version of a PS4. That is why at the end of the day, the Xbox One will be forgotten about, but not the Wii U. Nintendo actually has a lot to offer themselves, what does MS have, besides Halo? Exactly, not much.

N4g_null1413d ago

I see a lot of opinions stated as facts here.

Of course the media and pop gamers can't see the wiiu coming back. They are not really gamers and don't like great gameplay. They simply work or play games from the video game industry and simply don't understand how that could even be possible for nintendo to make a come back with inferior hardware. I could state that you where all wrong with the vita and 3ds and pspgo. You where even wrong about the xbone..... 6 million sales after that pr fiasco?!

In the end we will see who's opinions are right and who was wrong.

In the end it doesn't matter because I don't think this website is getting any hits from that 20 million mariokart fanbase.

ats19921413d ago

@ Crischi1988 i didn't even mention the ps4 seems you're a sensitive fanboy you should get over yourself.

BattleAxe1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

wonderfulmonkeyman + 20h ago

"So what if it's been out longer?"

It matters because the WiiU has lost any momentum that it had when it released. The WiiU is performing worse than the Dreamcast did, so it's only a matter of time before Nintendo discontinues the WiiU. I've been saying this from the beginning because it was obvious that it wasn't going to succeed for these reasons:

- 8GB and 32GB Hard Drives only (people don't want to spend the extra money on an external HDD).

- Price point of $299.00(8GB) and $349.00(32GB). There wasn't much incentive to buy this console when the PS3 and 360 were both much cheaper and had huge libraries of games to choose from.

- The WiiU hardware isn't all that much more powerful than the PS3 or the 360.

- Small launch line-up of games, and very little 3rd party support.

- The touch-screen controller didn't appeal to many hardcore gamers, and the casual audience doesn't see the social aspect like they did with the introduction of the Wiimote.

I received all kinds of disagree votes and negative comments for my assessment of the WiiU back when it launched, all because of pure fanboyism, and little to no objective conversation from the Nintendo crowd. I was calling the WiiU the 'Dreamcast 2", and it looks like I was pretty accurate with that description.
Press Start: Sega’s failed Dreamcast console has actually outsold Nintendo’s Wii U (sort of)

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seraphym881414d ago

I see this gen being close between wii u and xb1, with ps4 a good ways ahead, close to both others combined. I know a lot of people will disagree with the assumption that wii u will get close to xb1 numbers, however currently wii u is about 1.8 mil ahead of xb1, and with current sale rates(that are diminishing) it will take several months before xb1 can possibly catch up.

xb1 and sony both have had some big games hit recently(titanfall, final fantasy, infamous) yet i haven't seen big sales jumps from which, while i KNOW wii u will receive a nice jump from mk8. Its EASILY the most anticipated game right now. Furthermore, i dont see much in xb1 future, unless mega announcments are made at e3.

Admittedly, Nintendo has done HORRIBLE this gen, and im a early adopter. But we all know what happens when games like Mario kart, Zelda, super smash bros, metroid, and so on come out, they sell....well. With the recent nintendo directs being ultra big(buzz wise), this only furthers the notion that they mark the time when wii u starts to sell. My god, when the smash bro direct happened, the entire gaming world gawked for days about it.

Even youtube personalities that dont usually talk about game announcments made videos about it. Including blackbonds corny ass. (who hates nintendo). But ofcoarse, i know, im just another delusional nintendo fanboy, but lets all be real here, microsoft hasnt fared much better than nintendo this gen so far.

WorldGamer1414d ago

Wow, kinda sad to see the changes in the times. A few years ago I was commenting to a friend that while Nintendo will always hold a place in my heart, they need to give more to their maturing fans than nostalgia.

I hope they are able to pull it together, it would really be a true loss to the industry to see nintendo go.

ZainreFang1414d ago

If they end up going, then it'll be more than a few decades from now. They're stacked.

Vegamyster1414d ago

If the Wii-U flops it won't be the end of Nintendo.

Thatguy-3101414d ago

It won't but it doesn't change the fact that the console still flopped. At the end of the day if the main demographic is happy then all power to them. But just know that speaking up can go a long way. Sony and Microsoft knows it. Beign passive will get no one anywhere.

Vegamyster1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )


It's been out for less then two years, i remember when people were saying the PS3 was doomed in its first years. They have a 1 year plan to advertise the system with MK8 as the flagship which they've done a good job so far with hyping, it's too early to call it a flop.

donwel1413d ago

"they've done a good job so far with hyping"
Well it's done its job with me. Mines coming tomorrow :D

slivery1414d ago

I could not agree more. What bothers me the most really, is them trying way too hard to raise children instead of letting their parents handle that and their outdated account system.

I mean the 3DS is basically useless from a social perspective now, that is just taking it too far in my opinion. Even Miiverse is a little too strict at times.. I couldn't stop laughing at the fact that Shuhei Yoshida has been banned twice from Miiverse for such stupidly simple things.

They just need to give people more options. The way the go about things isn't right. Just because Nintendo feels that way doesn't mean every consumer they have should be forced to also. It sucks, it really does.

I mean it is just a little messed up, I get they want to have a clean environment for their user base but they can still do that without being so strict about everything. It isn't their job to keep track of what every person is doing.

Also why on earth do I need a completely different account for things like Club Nintendo? Makes no sense and it will only create more problems later when they finally get around to merging everything, making it fully account based. Then you have the NNID which was supposed to make things better but it did nothing but merge your Wii U and 3DS account.

Everything is still attached to the hardware which is just crazy. I couldn't even imagine being someone who got their stuff stolen and just being SOL because of this.. Tons of money spent on games they will never see again. I mean seriously what kind of shit is that? So it's your customers fault your account system is outdated?

It is just so odd that Nintendo chooses to stay so behind the times with certain things like this as it is far from new anywhere.

I love them to death but they are very stubborn, I don't get it. So sorry to rant but those two things really bother me about Nintendo.

Thatguy-3101414d ago

The wii u simply isn't in the same category as the ps4 and xbone. They are usually the one doing there thing while Sony and Microsoft battle it out for the same demographic. I never thought of Nintendo as a rival to Sony or Microsoft. Sony has even stated that Nintendo isn't a competitor to them which I fully agree.

TheNotoriousNiceGuy1414d ago

Well then Nintendo needs competition lol maybe a Disney console

wonderfulmonkeyman1414d ago

So when they do day 1 DLC on that console's games, we can all shout "That's Disney Evil!" with absolutely no shame, right?XD

MultiConsoleGamer1414d ago

It's not competing with either console. It was never meant to. Nintendo follows the blue ocean strategy and exists in their own market.

See third parties, this is why your games don't sell as well on Nintendo hardware. It's because you don't get it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

And when the Wii U's sales finally do pick up, watch the shock flood over people who can't bring themselves to imagine it now.

I'm just glad the system's library is so much bigger now, and that there's a lot of games promised in the near future that will be worth owning on it.

Also, that statement about the Wii U not having third party support?
Only true if you don't count indies and smaller third parties, and only pay attention to AAA releases like Witcher 3.

As I said, the library is growing at a pretty nice clip...

Edit: Wow, disagrees already. How shocking.../s

Come on; if you've got a point to make, speak up, because otherwise, you know I've got a point.
Or, you would, if you disagreeing people did some research into the system's library instead of assuming it's got nothing due to not having every single AAA multiplat.

LOL_WUT1414d ago

Dude, just stop who are you trying to convince? The numbers don't lie WiiU has been performing badly ever since it was released. Nintendo needs a miracle to turn the WiiU around hopefully Smash or the the next Zelda do the system justice ;)

GamersHeaven1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

So please explain how Wii U will magically start picking up sales? Yes Mariokart 8 will boost sales NO it will not be a long time affect.What you fail to understand with out those AAA thirdparty offerings Nintendo is only catering to the fans like you.Wii U is a failure Nintendo knows it we know it Nintendo fans just don't want to admit to the facts.But I agree it has a good amount of games but that should be obvious considering its been out longer than the competition not rocket science.

I never said they couldn't try but thats my point they haven't tried they are on the same boat they have been on for years not relying on thirdparty support.The way things are I feel its a little too late I don't think anyone really interested in it either people by it for a Zelda,Mario etc or they will wait for it to be cheaper than it is now.

wonderfulmonkeyman1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

There's no magic about it; it will start picking up in sales the moment Nintendo pulls their heads out of the sand and starts advertising it properly so that the hype for it builds up.

The right advertisement creates hype, and hype sells.
PS4 proves this.
The reversal in XBone's policies proves this.
If you really think Nintendo cannot replicate that with the right advertisement, then you're simply not giving them fair credit.

The games it is getting in the near future are more than good enough to get it selling, if Nintendo advertises them properly, even without AAA third party multiplat ports.

stragomccloud1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Hype truly does sell consoles. PS4 is using glorified tablet innards, but is laughably marketed as something that can stand toe to toe with gaming PCs. The best part is that people actually swallow that crap, believing all the hype, and everything their Sony gods tell them to believe.

live2play1413d ago

Please explain to me how nintendo failed me as a fanAnd dont start with sales, i care nothing for them i dont own stocks.
I have a new pikmin since the GameCube
I got a new donkey kong country
I got 2 mario games
Mario kart 8 on the way
Wondeful 101
A new smash bros this year
With even more to come

So im sorry but i have no idea how nintendo failed me
I couldnt be happier

thehobbyist1413d ago

Things that will boost Wii U sales:
Zelda, Smash Bros, X, Metroid, Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem (Two BIG RPG series), Miyamoto's new IP, whatever Retro makes, Fatal Frame IV (It's small but devoted fanbase will move consoles).

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McScroggz1414d ago

I know you are out of bubbles, but I feel the urge to try to talk some sense into you.

The idea that one or two games plus some marketing is all it will take to turn the Wii U around is, quite frankly, an absurd notion. Why was Super Mario 3D Land, a game universally loved and had good advertising (for Nintendo), not enough to bring Wii U sales out of the dumps? It's because the Wii U has virtually no appeal outside of the core Nintendo fanbase. That's not to say it doesn't have really good games - it absolutely does - but sadly it takes a lot more than that for a console to be successful these days.

When it launched, it was unclear if it was even more powerful than its 6-7 year old competitor's consoles. Yet it cost more than a Xbox 360 and more than a PS3. It launched without key features and an overall slow and buggy OS and an antiquated account/general online infrastructure. It had a GamePad that had very few games to show off why it can be better than a traditional gamepad - and to this day it doesn't have many games that do that. Plus, like most console launches, after the initial lineup of games it was a wasteland until the last half of last year. With the PS4 and Xbox One, third party games mitigate the lack of exclusive games; but with the Wii U, there was almost literally nothing new to play.

But even if you or another person disagrees with all of that it's irrelevant because the consumers have spoken. The sales for the Wii U have been dreadful. Not PS3 bad, which actually wasn't that bad (the Xbox 360 was just doing really well), but legitimately bad to the point where - like the Vita - many retailers began drastically scaling down space once dedicated to Wii U games and accessories. This is the reason why it is virtually impossible for the Wii U to stage some miraculous comeback. When people walk into GameStop or BestBuy or Wal-Mart, there might not even be a section with Wii U games; and if there is it might be one small section in the corner. This does not breed consumer confidence. This does not make people want to buy a Wii U.

And to exacerbate the issue, Nintendo isn't doing a traditional press conference at E3. Now, there has been debate over if it is a bad idea or not, and if it is a bad idea is it even that big of an issue. But I promise you that the people Nintendo NEEDS to reach, I.E. not the Nintendo fans who will tune into an E3 edition of Nintendo Direct, will not get any sense of hype for the Wii U. Sure, if a new Zelda game is announced they will hear about it. They will know about Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. But that isn't going to be enough to gain so much traction that the Wii U will go from very little to no store shelf space to once again having its place. I mean, if Microsoft and Sony have absolutely nothing interesting at E3 maybe, just maybe the Wii U will have one respectable year. That's it. (And I think both Sony and Microsoft will have very impressive showings).

I know it sounds like I'm being harsh, and I do get frustrated with almost every post I make on a Nintendo article being cynical. However, I would rather be cynical and speak loudly in an attempt to get the core Nintendo fans to demand more from Nintendo than to pretend like everything will be OK. I don't want to turn this into a Nintendoomed. All I want is for people to be reasonable concerning Nintendo. The Wii U is absolutely a dud, and unless people voice what Nintendo did wrong and what they want in their next console Nintendo's next home console might be as underwhelming as the Wii U is.

Feel free to PM me if you want to have a discussion on this topic.

randomass1711413d ago

"However, I would rather be cynical and speak loudly in an attempt to get the core Nintendo fans to demand more from Nintendo than to pretend like everything will be OK."

This I would agree with, but it seems the issues you're talking about are not as relevant as others. The E3 issue? People are going to report on all of that anyway. That news is going to reach gamers no matter what you think will happen.

"This does not make people want to buy a Wii U."

Isn't that what games are for?

"but I feel the urge to try to talk some sense into you."

If you were going to make an intellectual and respectful retort, you probably should not have started with condescension.

live2play1413d ago

You typed alot,but said nothing at all