So, All These Male Gamers Who Choose to Play With Female Avatars...

There are plenty of men who opt to play as a female character in a game, but why? Is it a matter of frustration and self-esteem?

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-Foxtrot1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Maybe some of them like in Oblivion had different stats as women.

It's the main reason I'm always a female wood elf in Elder Scrolls, every other game I'm a male, I create the character to reflect me but ES is the only one where I pick the opposite gender. Another little thing I missed in Skyrim, gender stats.

nope1111415d ago

Surprised the author never heard of "If i'm going to be grinding for hundreds of hours i would rather be looking at a fine piece of ass"

I constantly hear this when it comes to MMOs lol. I also hear; "Females has better customization options" Though this is true when it comes to the Phantasy Star games. Male options is almost depressing.

Dyssident1415d ago

GIRL = Guy In Real Life

NovusTerminus1415d ago

MMORPG = Many Men Online Role Playing Girls

F4sterTh4nFTL1415d ago

I like to try both, depending on the game's art style. If the game is dark and gritty I choose male. If the game is vibrant and pretty I might choose to play with a female avatar to match the art style.

StockpileTom1415d ago

If I can't roll a big fat Nose Tackle looking guy with an epic manly man's beard I will be choosing female... they really do need more customization options.

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