Did Activision Really Just Use 500 Million On Destiny?

Yes. According to Reuters, Activision is indeed budgeting 500 million dollars for Destiny. Not for the whole project, though. Just the first game. While this includes every single cent involved in the creation of the game from development to marketing, it’s a huge gamble on a franchise that could still fall flat on its face.

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Axonometri1415d ago

Jeez! It is amazing what someone can make on an extreme budget vs what is being made by AAA with a endless supply. Hopefully a huge chunk of this is going into support for servers.

B-radical1415d ago

That money was suppose to be for cod ghost 2 engine :(

Giul_Xainx1415d ago

Every m m o is the same.... I actually don't care for mmo games anymore. But what I am saying is..... hopefully Destiny changes my mind.

theshonen88991415d ago

The writing in this article gave me cancer. It's almost as if middle schoolers are allowed to be journalists these days.

JackOfAllBlades1415d ago

Gtfo, CoD needs a major reworking, and more than them tweaking the engine and calling it new again. And this story is pure click bait.

UltraNova1415d ago

Half a billion for an engine?? God no!

On topic: Correct me if I m wrong isn't at 500 million the most expensive piece of entertainment ever made? (yes even more than holy woods most expensive movie)

Lightning Mr Bubbles1415d ago

Only if the game sucks. I'm still hyped over this game, it looks cool. So hopefully they didn't flush all that money down the toilet by making a crap game.

The last time I saw something like this was with the game "Rage" it looked badass but totally sucked.

ravinash1414d ago

It's more likely to be $500m on advertising.

AntoineDcoolette1414d ago

@ Giul_xainx

This game is not an MMO. It has features similar to an MMO but is not an MMO in the same manner as EVE, WoW, everquest etc. So you won't have thousands, or even hundreds of people running around in the same game world.

redwin1414d ago

The people that like halo game play will like this game. I'm done with thus kind of game. I'm very ecxited about The Division . That's what I'm looking forward to.

4Sh0w1414d ago

Looking forward to Destiny but honestly it doesn't really "look", like they have a $500 mil budget. The latest trailer wasn't jaw dropping and the gameplay not surprisingly looked very last gen Halo-ish. I love Halo but I'm hoping for some next gen killer features/game engine with new mechanics added in. Hopefully Bungie has something more to wow me soon.

cemelc1414d ago

That 500 million is pure PR rubbish.

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joab7771415d ago

A lot is going to adverstising.

Anyway, I am so sure there will be a Destiny 2...anytime soon. Aside from Uncle's best attempts to avoid the mmo moniker, it is an mmofpsrpg and thats why it will succeed.

But thats why there may be no sequel for awhile. There will b dlc, patches or expansions, but I dont see another iteration. And this ia fine. This is a benefit of the mmo genre, a dynamic, living, evolving world that gets better and better.

My one concern is support for last gen titles. It is needed for initial sales and will be phased out for sure...but games like DCUO and FF14 do suffer some from having to support old tech.

I am very excited and here's to hoping Destiny is everything I hope it to be.

McScroggz1415d ago

If my memory is correct, whenever Bungie had to release info to the courts it detailed something along the lines of a trilogy with a game coming out every other year and a major DLC expansion every off year. In fact, I think that is where we first heard Destiny would be coming to the PS3/PS4 I believe.

BadlyPackedKeebab1415d ago

Mcecroggz is indeed correct. Its in the contract exactly what the release shedual will be. The only deviation is I seem to remember the platform for the first game was different. It was either going to be current gen only or only on 360 or something like that. Obviously the new consoles changed those plans.

ThatOneGuyThere1414d ago

100m going into the ad campaign.

sinncross1415d ago

I'm pretty sure the budget is for the entire franchise they have planned, not just one game.

GuruMeditation1415d ago

I read that too. 500m projected budget for the whole series IF destiny is a success. Which, if you include dlc production and maybe three sequels, isn't all that surprising.

Jdoki1415d ago

At last! Some sensible comments.

I said the same thing yesterday. Kotick did not say 500million invested in Destiny, the game. He said invested in Destiny, the IP.

Big difference.

Sure, they are obviously going to invest a tonne in to marketing - they need to establish Destiny. But this money will enable Bungie to create two or three main titles, plus DLC. And IF Destiny fails - you will definitely not see a 500million sized hole in Activisions finances.

hellzsupernova1415d ago

puts Microsofts 1 billion into perspective.....

Magicite1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

With this money u could make any 2 AAA movies (e.g. Avengers 2, Next Transformers, Iron man 4), so yeah, deal is extremely serious.
You could even call this a Halo/Titanfall killer, but we wouldn't, right?
P.S. Even if Destiny wont meet expectations, Im sure next COD will cover the losses, right?

ThatOneGuyThere1414d ago

I wonder now how big the budget is for this new Call Of Duty? It's got at least 1 A-list actor in it.

OrangePowerz1415d ago

I think it's also amazing people comolaining after they say for years that Activision only churns out cheap sequels.

avengers19781414d ago

Not if the game sells really well. If it does say 5-7 million across all platforms then sure they lost money. If it sells 20-25 million across all platforms they made profit.
It's already has pretty good preorder numbers on PS4,PS3,XB1,XB360, and it's on PC, I also heard it will be on WiiU.

Let's wait and see what kind of sales it gets before we say activision flushed money down the toilet

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-Foxtrot1415d ago

Imagine a Fallout or Elder Scrolls game with a 500 million can dream.

Hell imagine an NaughtyDog game <drools>

Lowsnamebrand1415d ago

That'd be a perfect game... Where drake meets Ellie on a quest to find the bandicoot named crash and along the way running into jax, in a crash course of brick throwing, pirate shooting, train crashing,doctor killing, Joel lying action

Baccra171415d ago

Now is all of that really spent on the game or is a large part of that for it's damn ad and PR campaign?

Bigpappy1415d ago

Destiny is a huge Opened world game. NaughtyDog has never even attempted to make and opened world game, let alone attempt to make something this massive.

Elder Scrolls online was even more expensive I believe.

Balcrist1415d ago

ESO was 200 Million i believe, not even half of what Activision is dropping on Destiny.

nucky641415d ago

if it's fallout or ES...i can imagine the bugs will still come with the games regardless of budget.
but, oh lord, a ND game with a 500 million budget???...i'm drooling too!

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truefan11415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

From the jump I have thought this game was average based on videos I saw. Then I have read the very detailed reviews that were released confirming my fears of it being boring. I had modest excitement for the game, but I still plan on getting the game as I am a big multiplayer gamer and fan of Bungie for their Halo work.

I say all that to say, the media is working to bring this game down. I honestly wonder why, if the game is boring fine, but the reviews have been pretty harsh, and now it's magnified by reports of the $500 million budget. This is honestly shaping up to be the opposite of Titanfall in terms of excitement leading up to launch. The more people hear the less excited they are, I am honestly shocked at how things have turned for this game. The beta is the only chance they have at changing the perception of this game.

The success of Destiny rests in the hands of ps4 fans, if they don't like the beta, it's a wrap.

@AceBlazer13 you turned a completely unbiased comment into some fanboy bull. I am not a Destiny apologist or hater,I'm neutral on the game. Also please enlighten me how you have contact with over 625000 as that would be a majority of low ball estimate 1.25 million purchases. You have spoken to them and they confirmed they have been underwhelmed. My friends list is sure still playing it alot. PS THIS ARTICLE IS ABOUT DESTINY, I only mention Titanfall in terms of pre launch build nothing to do with how great or not great the game was.

AceBlazer131415d ago

Destiny - Media downplaying it consumers hyped for it.

Titanfall - Media hyping it consumers left underwhelmed.

Before I get the idiots popping up saying "oh I'm loving titanfall" .I'm referring to the majority.

Nice little contrast there.I have guys in my clan that play nothing but cod and fps looking forward to destiny.It's so funny the casuals titanfall tried catering to are looking forward to destiny instead.

Mystogan1415d ago

So you're saying the majority of people who bought titanfall were disappointed?

Where did you get that from?

I'm pretty sure you're just butthurt cuz you can't play it on your PS4.

Skips1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )


I'd say Titanfall is quite disappointing to ACTUAL consumers. lol The top most up voted reviews (which are mostly "Amazon Verified Purchase" reviews might I add) consider Titanfall to be a MASSIVE disappointment. XD


If you're going to go with Meta scores... Then you must not have passed any MATH classes bud. The highest next gen exlcusive goes to Final Fantasy XIV. XD Not Titanfall...

If you still need help. 87 IS HIGHER THAN 86. LOL



Again, are you slow or something??? The reviews that SAY "AMAZON VERIFIED PURCHASE" are reviews from PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY bought the game. XD You don't need to buy the game to post a review, but you need it for to show "AMAZON VERIFIED PURCHASES". lmao From which a majority show a lot of disappointment.

Tedakin1415d ago

I'm going to guess Destiny's budget is like 10 times what Titanfall's was. Titanfall was made by a tiny upstart team with an ancient, and free, engine.

georgeenoob1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )


So you're seriously going to pretend Titanfall doesn't have the best reviews from critics this gen? But according to you, a known fanboy, it's a disappointment. What a surprise. Let's go by Sony fanboy reviews for Titanfall instead of critics. Who are you kidding?


You're wrong. Nice try. Http://

"Does the reviewer have to buy the item from

No. It doesn't matter where an item was purchased, or if it was a gift, or if the reviewer just borrowed it for a weekend. If someone feels moved to write a review of an item, and they are a registered customer, they are welcome."

It's even more pathetic you PS gamers discredit major critics such as IGN and Gametrailer and desperately turn to user reviews which 99% are submitted by mostly obsessed fanboys.

And you know an X1 exclusive is amazing when PS fans continue to downplay a game two months after release. It's like you're STILL trying to convince yourself Titanfall sucks? Give it a break.

I want to see the look on your face when Titanfall gets nominated for GOTY this year.

DLConspiracy1415d ago

I am hopeful for Destiny but 500 million are some pretty big gambling shoes to fill. Sure maybe some people are a bit underwhelmed at Titanfall, but you have to also remember the hype for this game outweighs even Titanfall. We have been teased with Destiny for quite awhile now. By the time Destiny releases it will have been hyped more months and more advertising dollars than Titanfall.

I don't know where you get your majorities from but certainly having an opinion like this against the small percentage of friends you have can't be the majority that you speak of. With that said how can we compare interest to a game that isn't even out without it being biased by hype to begin with?

Thus far the early reports have been very middle ground when concerned with lasting interest. Some say amazing things while others felt large gaps of action in the gameplay. I would say there is a lot of hope that this game delivers from the "majority" of people (including myself).

The truth is we won't know until its its unleashed onto the public like a lamb for the slaughter. By that time the hype might be so great that people could also be underwhelmed with what they actually get. No different than Titanfall but with an obvious budget difference in marketing.

Lastly, I would say peoples expectations and or hunger for a game are extremely high right now. specifically for a so called "next gen" experience, but what is next gen anyway? Is it simply graphics or is it something else. Obviously we know graphics can't carry the torch and we already know GTA5 did it with less. I am looking forward to the game and remain hopeful but my interests don't always represent the interest of everyone. I guess we will just see.

DragonKnight1415d ago

@georgenoob: Titanfall is definitely going to be nominated for GOTY, but it will have nothing to do with it being worthy of that nomination. The panelists at the VGA's are all the most awful journalists that exist in gaming media, the VGA's are more of a popularity contest than about merit, and EA/Microsoft will make sure that Titanfall is nominated.

Gone Home won a GOTY award. That 2 second walking simulator trying to pass off as a game won an award. It's clear that there are very loose criteria to being nominated for a GOTY award.

MysticStrummer1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

@george - "I want to see the look on your face when Titanfall gets nominated for GOTY this year."

You'll need to be more specific. A nomination shouldn't shock anyone, when CoD get nominated more often than not. Even winning a GotY award is hardly an accomplishment these days. How many are there now? Surely you can't think TF will set any records for awards won, but do you believe TF will win the most of this year's awards? It's still early of course but I think you'd be hard pressed to find many in the gaming industry that would say that. The lack of a single player mode will certainly hurt TF in the voting. Destiny or The Division, and maybe both, will win more. Watch Dogs could easily win more as well.

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cyguration1415d ago

You said the videos made it look average. If the videos look average and the previews confirm your fears that it's boring then how is it the media working to bring it down?

Did it ever occur to you that the game just may not be that exciting?

There's NOTHING about Destiny that looks next-gen to me.

I'm more excited for Star Citizen because that game is pushing real boundaries, along with No Man's Sky.

Bungie needs to show something that looks like more than just a reskinned Halo if they want to win some of us over.

Destiny certainly is not a game I would say has a budget of $500. I would sooner believe The Division has that kind of budget over Destiny.

Shadonic1415d ago

Here's to hoping the beta changes that, People honestly should go off of just vids and previews considering it supposed to be open world MMO like, basing it on an alpha build with prebuilt characters taking away further from the appeal and whats supposed to make the game fun will undoubtedly have a negative effect. I doubt that people would enjoy pokemon as much if they just got to experience the same battle with prebuilt pokemon. Going off of Devil's lair's raid video as well kind of astonishes me that so many gamers cant see that the players are clearly in some sort of God mode save for the one instance where they demonstrate what re-spawning players looks like. Bungie does indeed need to bring out the big guns being public events, showing the possible 50 player encounters and bringing the gamers into the lore and the story without giving away major plot points that can deter from the experience.

They need to show us the scale of the open world, show us the difficulty you talk about, show us the intense action and situations, show us and give us a real taste of what destiny has to offer so that we dont have people bashing the game when they haven't even scratched the surface of what it has to offer. Dont just convince me convince the world.

uth111415d ago

I don't know that it says anything bad about the game itself, but 500 million is an insane amount of money. That's bigger than any movie budget, ever, according to this list:

princejb1341415d ago

To me destiny so far based on the videos I seen looks boring
Maybe is because I just never liked bungie games in general(halo)
But hey I do have this game paid for and pre ordered so might as we'll pick it up

Shadonic1415d ago

I'd recommend trying the beta and really pushing to get into it and the lore. Never just depend upon videos and Previews you have to try it for either yourself or look into it ( and i mean actually look into it as in read up on it from legitmate sources or big fallowers trying to find secrets about the game and ask questions. Never leave your final decision to reviews/pre-views, they can help but there not the be all and end all decision maker. I remember going to get H4 based on all the 10/10s and you just see how quickly that game fizzled out.

Shadonic1415d ago

I think one journalist said it best when she brought up that even with that 45 minutes of gameplay ( from the same mission at that) they haven't even scratched the surface and or know or experienced any of the main parts of the game. To call the entire game boring just off of an alpha build of a mission their forced to play through twice that doesn't even account for 1% of the game, again without going through and experiencing things like finding loot or exploring is completely and utterly illogical.

Do I find it worrying ?, yes of course i do. Even though most previews seemed positive but had a lot of this wanting to know basically everything about the game including major story developments before its even out on the market, gameplay of other modes i can understand though, I've been fallowing this game for a while and have probably a better knowledge of the game than said previewers that you've taken input from but either way we haven't even experienced a percentage of what the game has to offer. I'm not fanboying or anything its just stupid to base your final decision knowing that said previewer only tried one small part of a very large game especially on a preview. Its like saying that GTA5 online is boring based solely on the preview of the arm wrestling mini-game.

McScroggz1415d ago

Please point me to these reviews you speak of...

T21415d ago

What a surprise the biggest xbox troll on here says destiny is already a flop, but titanfall oh! The honor! Titanfall is damn good but will be lucky to sell 4 million
Destiny is a true test. Big budget and will aim for 10+ million sales. Will be interesting for certain

BadlyPackedKeebab1415d ago

I thought it was cross plat? Why the fanboy hate at all?

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Wni01415d ago

500 million? What the hell are you people thinking!? How on earth is this game going to make even? Nobody took notes from making a giant f*cking water tank and placing it in the ocean for Waterworld? And then taking the production ashore to go to the bathroom because the tank was gonna be a piss pool?

bcrazy181415d ago

"Nobody took notes from making a giant f*cking water tank and placing it in the ocean for Waterworld? And then taking the production ashore to go to the bathroom because the tank was gonna be a piss pool?"

Not sure how this comment has anything to do with the game. I guess it was an attempt to troll but it failed miserably lol.

voodoochild3461415d ago

He's referring movie waterworld and the idiotic decisions made during production that made it the most expensive movie in history at the time and also a huge flop.

KwietStorm1415d ago

Simple math. At $60 a pop, plus DLC or season passes, you don't have to sell an exorbitant amount of copies to make $500 million.

MysticStrummer1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

The game isn't even close to being out yet, and no one knows if it will turn out to be worth the investment. which isn't just for this one game.