Demon's Souls 2? Shadow Tower? What Is Project Beast?

Over the weekend rumors started to flare across the Soul community; rumors of a leaked project that developer From Software, the creators of the Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls franchises, was working on a secret game codenamed ‘Project Beast’.

How do you guys feel about this? Is Project Beast real? What do you think about the gunpowder weapons in a Souls game? Will it be a PS4 exclusive… would that upset you off if it was?

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sobotz1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

It's gonna be a new souls game for PS4.

> It's FromSoftware and Sony.
> There are already rumors about DeS2.
> Fog gate.
> Dark atmosphere.
> similar enemy design to other Souls games.

I bet it's gonna be either Beast Souls (Dark Souls was named Project Dark too before) or Demon's Souls.

Kivespussi1597d ago

I'm kind of hoping for beast souls. A whole new world and then From would have a chance for an entirely new lore.

WonderboyIII1597d ago

Why do you say that this game is a for PS4? No harm in having it multiplatfrom right? I am quiet enjoying DS2 on PC running at 4k downsampled to 1080p @ 60fps. Lets hope it comes out for all platforms so that more gamers can enjoy it.

Shuyin1597d ago

Because whenever devs focus on a single platform chances are it is more likely to be a superb game.
Or do you think games like TLoU, Uncharted and GoW 3 would have been equally amazing when spread across multiple platforms?

GameDev11597d ago

If it is from From software and as well Sony Japan as rumoured, then it is an exclusive

WonderboyIII1597d ago

demon souls and dark souls are not that technically different. The last of us, uncharted, GOW took advantage of hardware. Demon souls does not stand out technically. It is a great game, but could have been done on all platforms as well (technically, I know SCE helped develop it). Dark souls 1 and 2 have scored the same and are both as excellent. They are both multi's. Let us continue this way, for the sake of Gamers.

sobotz1597d ago

It's being developed by FromSoft and Sony, so low chance it's gonna be multiplatform, considering Demon's Souls is exclusive PS3.

WonderboyIII1597d ago

I thought everything is still "Rumored"

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showtimefolks1597d ago

Demon's soul is a game of last generation for so many, so anything within that universe will be very excited for a lot of gamers

nope1111597d ago

I hope it's Demon's Souls 2. just the name alone will make me scream with joy.
But regardless of the name it will most likely be a Souls game.

VsAssassin1597d ago

I don't want this game to be called Beast Souls; sounds to convenient for me. I hope they give this game a different name.

Anyway, can't wait for the proper reveal. Hope E3 reveals it.

MatthewTrujillo1597d ago

Demon souls 2 Would hands down be a system seller for the PS4. This title alone would be catering to the core and heart of what is playstation to the fans.

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