God of War: 3 Reasons Why Chains of Olympus is the Best

FanBolt writes: "When the original God of War was released, it blew many a mind (myself included) with its bleak rendition of Greek Mythology, crazy-awesome set pieces, and over the top violence. When God of War II came out, it ratcheted everything up significantly with more varied (and jaw-dropping) environments, more weapon variety, more abilities, and of course more violence. God of War III brought Kratos to the Playstation 3, complete with some absolutely gorgeous visuals and viscera. The list goes on. However, I’ve always believed that the strongest God of War wasn’t even on consoles, but rather the little handheld that could: Playstation Portable."

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LOGICWINS1446d ago

I remember playing Chains of Olympus when I got my Red GOW PSP that came with Superbad. Awesome time with both the game and the movie(first time I saw Superbad was on my PSP).

NewMonday1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

the PSP GOW games are my favorite after the first one, they are what made me hyped for the Order by RAD, I thought they should take over the GOW franchise.

URNightmare1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Surprisingly, two big franchises have some of their best games on PSP, God Of War with Chains Of Olympus and Metal Gear with Peace Walker. Sometimes while playing Peace Walker, I completely forgot I was playing on a portable, it felt so big in such small device, it was awesome!

I still think GOW3 and MGS3 are the best.

GamersHeaven1446d ago

Great game but I disagree GOW2 is still the best in the series imo.

JustPlay41446d ago

I agree, it had best story and it was the most fun to play, the others were good, but GoW 2 is still the best

SG1_dapunisherX1446d ago

fact!!! best story and best ending

TheFallenAngel1445d ago

Best of the series is God of War 3 followed by Ghost of Sparta

AntoineDcoolette1445d ago

agreed, all around in terms of puzzles, art direction, environments, boss fights, and so on always felt 2 was the best. But I always felt Chains of Olympus was better than the first and I recently played Ghost of Sparta, its absolutely outstanding that kind of graphical fidelity and action could be squeezed onto the psp

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nope1111446d ago

The Ready at Dawn GoW games were the best imo.
Great narritive, and the sub-weapons are actually good.

WeAreLegion1446d ago

Loved it, but God of War III is, by far, my favorite in the series. I've never played a game or seen a movie quite as epic. It was brilliant.

waltyftm1445d ago

Agreed, yet i still have to play Ascension.

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The story is too old to be commented.